Lorenzo Fertitta wants Jones vs Silva

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  Bones vs. Silva? Who wants it? 2 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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UFC President Dana White however expressed some practical impediments. Even St-Pierre vs. Silva may not be as close as we originally thought.

"This fight isn't happening," White said. "It's not a fight yet. It's still a big fantasy fight. There are still things that need to happen in the meantime before we sit down and discuss where this fight would be, what weight it would be at, how it would work. It's all just fantasy yet.

"I literally have not talked to Georges St-Pierre or Anderson Silva about this fight."

"With what I saw tonight, [Jones] looks a mile ahead of everyone else," White said. "In my opinion, not only is he the No. 1 light heavyweight in the world, he shot up the pound-for-pound (rankings) as well."

"Anderson Silva has made it very clear to me that he doesn't want to fight at 205 pounds. That's why originally when I was always talking about him trying to go for another belt at 205 pounds. ... He stuck his big toe in a couple of times because I was pressing the issue. He made it very clear he doesn't want to fight at 205."

"Who knows? Maybe he sees a guy as talented as Jon Jones, and he'll want to try it."

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Recent Comments »

Chuckles site profile image  

3/23/11 4:18 PM by Chuckles

Very appealing match. There are so many potential outcomes it makes my mind spin.

georgejonesjr site profile image  

3/23/11 3:40 PM by georgejonesjr

Boxing doesn't give people the fights they want to see in the same weight class. Going between weight classes (and there are 17 weight classes in boxing, 8 in MMA) is a much bigger deal in MMA than boxing. Size matters in MMA, its why there are weight divisions. Jones is too big for Anderson, Anderson is too big for GSP, GSP is too big for Edgar. Or if weight doesn't matter, why not get rid of weight divisions all together?

jjj2121 site profile image  

3/23/11 3:15 PM by jjj2121

 Shut the fuck up welcher. Nobody gives a fuck if you are angry.

Bumbaclot site profile image  

3/23/11 3:13 PM by Bumbaclot

 This is the dumbest post I have ever fuckin read. It's so dumb I'm angry.  WTFFFFFFFFFF?

sunnyko site profile image  

3/23/11 2:59 PM by sunnyko

It's funny how many people forget the elusiveness of silva.. (sonnen doesn't count.. Silva was so injured!) If you have a highschool wrestler wrestle a college wrestler the highschooler would look like rua vs jones. It doesn't mean the college wrestler could do that to other college wrestlers... just like jones couldn't do that to silva. (sry for poor punctuation on phone)

Okkun site profile image  

3/22/11 5:12 AM by Okkun

How about we let Jones defend the LHW belt a few times (something that hasn't been done in quite some time) before trying to do cross-weightclass fights?.

DarkReflection site profile image  

3/22/11 4:10 AM by DarkReflection

Jones employs more brutal athleticism in his style than Silva does.Silva fights with masterful technique and precision....he beats you with his technical superiority not brute strength.Jones is more of an unpredictable wrecking machine...and he's FAR more physical of a fighter than Silva. You don't see Silva taking guys down and breaking skulls with elbows. This is NOT to say that Jones isn't highly skilled..he absolutely is...but what wins him fights is NOT his skill as much as it is his strength and explosive pressure/pressure/pressure style.Cheers-DR

dannyglover site profile image  

3/22/11 3:42 AM by dannyglover

Anyone who doesn't want this fight is an idiot. Anderson has been invincible in the UFC. The only other person whose never really been tested whose somewhat near Silva's size is Jones. Like these guys don't look like they are near losing fights at any point. I see all these people saying Jones is untested. Be honest who is gonna beat Jones at 205 now? Rashad? Rampage? Machida? The guy was toying with Shogun. That was some Anderson Silva shit right there.

BlahBreh site profile image  

3/22/11 3:37 AM by BlahBreh

Huge andseron fan, I wanna still see how jones reacts when he gets caught, Anderson could catch em very quicly