Soul stealing in MMA, and boxing

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There's a lot of talk about a fighter "taking someone's soul" after defeating his opponent. After their dates with Fedor Emelianenko, for example, Tim Sylvia, Brett Rogers and Andrei Arlovski have never been the same.

Sylvia was knocked flat in eight seconds by an old, overweight boxer Ray Mercer. Rogers was manhandled by Alistair Overeem, which is forgivable, and then barely squeaked by Reuben "Warpath" Villareal, which is unforgivable. And Arlovski lost three straight after being put on Queer Street by the wily Russian. Poor, poor "Pitbull."

Other examples are plentiful such as Sergei Kharitonov beating Murilo "Ninja" Rua's brain to a pulp at "Total Elimination," basically ending the promising Brazilian's hopes to be a contender ... forever. Gabriel Gonzaga teaching Mirko Cro Cop the definition of irony back at UFC 70 in 2007 is also proof positive that the Grim MMA Career Reaper does indeed exist.

In MMA, I've seen "the fire" beaten out of people. I've seen chins beaten out of people.

But I've never seen someone's career beaten out of them in a single night.

Have you?

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In 2003 HBO put together an awesome documentary detailing Meldrick Taylor's rise to fame and his sudden fall from grace after a loss to Julio Cesar Chavez. Taylor never put five straight wins together for the rest of his career. Today, his speech is slurred as to be indecipherable (Part III, 4:50 mark).


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3/23/11 6:53 PM by hey mes


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3/23/11 1:07 PM by ds1970

Someone upgraded this pic  

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3/23/11 1:03 PM by Ironhouse

Souls Taken (fighter was never the same)These ones stand out in my mind.Shamrock vs Frye (both men were never the same)Crocop vs GonzagaChuck vs RampageSakuraba vs WandWand vs CrocopThese ones were something different, they might not have taken a soul, but they made me feel sympathetic for the loser.Griffen vs SilvaShogun vs JonesFranklin vs ChuckBig Nog vs Cain

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3/23/11 1:02 PM by Beeno

Tanner consuming Terrell is one of the first I thought of.

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3/23/11 12:40 PM by MetaDevil

Sobering video. Yes and no, I think. One of the key differences in MMA vs Boxing is glove size. The gloves are bigger in boxing not to protect the guy getting hit, but to protect the puncher's hands - so fights can go longer and guys can hit harder. How many bouts do boxers have (including sparring) where they get hit hundreds of times? With a few exceptions, MMA fighters don't have more than 10-15 fights before getting on the big stage and very few are getting to 50-60. Add into that, there are the different ways to win an MMA fight - not all end in a KO or a 25 minute slugfest.I think it's a very fair concern - especially with the newer information coming from analysis of former NFL players' and boxers' brains. As it stands now, MMA fighters don't withstand the same kind of consistent, repeated blunt trauma to the head. But one concussion or savage beating is enough to really fuck someone up. All the more reason to closely regulate minor-league MMA promotions and amateur bouts.All respect to Shogun, but he took a savage three round beating Saturday night (especially for a guy that has never been on that end of beating) and it's not like he didn't come up in a notoriously tough camp. What's he going to be like when he returns?

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3/23/11 12:17 PM by Mudderfaeg

Diego was never the same after BJ Penn.

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3/23/11 12:07 PM by irishrottie


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3/23/11 12:03 PM by The Sauce

that HBO special above KICKED ASS!! I totally got wrapped up in it!

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3/23/11 11:30 AM by innovega

Wow, that is so sad. Man, I wonder how many MMA fighters will end up like this. I think in the next few years we will see the real effects of brain trauma - Liddell, Cro Cop, Nogueiras, etc...