Anthony Johnson started camp for Hardy bout at 230 lbs.

by Josh Gross | source:

No matter how committed Anthony Johnson is to fighting at 170 pounds, numbers don't lie.

Eight weeks ago, weighing as much as a mid-sized heavyweight, Johnson began training in earnest for a Saturday tussle in Seattle against Dan Hardy, his first fight since November 2009.

A series of knee injuries, including a painful three-year-old meniscus tear, demanded surgery in April '10 -- no matter how stubborn "Rumble" was with ignoring the pain. The recovery, once again, made Johnson's weight an issue.

"I was out that year and it did some damage to me," Johnson said. "I let myself get out of shape. I put that weight on. That was my fault being lazy. The only thing I was thinking about was living the life and having a good time. I'm injured. I'm going to party and have a good time. Then I just finally sucked it up and said I need to get back into the gym, because I don't want to kill myself [in the gym] to fight."

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*goes at Aaron*

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come at me bro

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come at me bro

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I wonder how said it is to troll and talk shit behind a fake screen name.How sad are you bro?? You're either old.. or some skinny dweeb teen. either way its sad.You should just enjoy your life man

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3/24/11 11:46 PM by asilva p4p

let him cut weight its his choice if he thinks this is the best way for him to succeed as a fighter let him be

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3/24/11 11:58 AM by I AM A MOFO

You seem upset?

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3/24/11 11:45 AM by FreakDaddy

Are you serious? The difference is that AJ has missed weight a couple of times and Page makes weight. Plus Page is only cutting down one weight class. Seriously dude?

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3/24/11 11:42 AM by knop252

wasn't everyone worried about Rampage when he was 230 at the beginning of camp for the Rashad fight?

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3/24/11 11:28 AM by FreakDaddy

There needs to be serious consequences if he misses weight. I think he should be fighting at 185, as he would do just fine at that weight. He has the frame and size for 185 or possibly 205. He is hurting his career by fighting at too low of a weight and by not making it several times.

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3/24/11 11:19 AM by RIPLEY

"And he wouldn't do shit about it. And if he did, it would BENEFIT me. Not so much him."Because of your lawsuit or because you're a toughguy? I am guessing it's the former because like most jerkoffs behind a keyboard that's all you have douchebag. Don't bother responding dickface because I don't get into forum battles like you and the other faggots on this site. Suffice it to say FUCK YOU PUSSY.