Phil Baroni: It's really now or never

by Matt Bishop | source:

At 13-13, Baroni was cut from the UFC after his first-round TKO loss to Brad Tavares at UFC 125 in January. Now, the 34-year old "New York Bad Ass" is facing possibly the biggest fight of his career when he faces Nick Nolte tonight at Titan Fighting Championship 17 in Kansas City, Kan.

"Time is of the essence. It's now or never," Baroni said Thursday on Bloody Elbow Radio. "I have to stay in shape, be ready and fight as often as possible ... I see the writing on the wall. It's really now or never ... I always said it's better to burn out than fade away, so I don't want to just fade away. I want to burn out, I want to get another run with a bunch of fights and be a contender again."

"I pretty much knew it was going to happen," Baroni said of being cut. "I had to get back on the horse, heal up, fix my boo-boos and get a fight as soon as possible. And not get out of shape."

"I'd rather be on pay-per-view right now but TV is TV and as long as the fight is being seen by eyes and especially with how I'm going to win this one, it's going to be a good one ... Being on HDNet is big for me right now. That's part of the reason I picked Titan, too. Winning a bunch of fights in an organization nobody sees isn't nearly as good. You need eyes. You need to impress people."

"I feel the best I've felt in five, six years right now. I feel great right now. I see Dan Henderson looking the best he's ever looked at 40 and it inspires me. I want to keep going. There's nothing I'd rather do. I love to train and I love to fight. I love to perform and I love everything that goes along with the sport ... I'm hoping I can do it as long as Dan Henderson and that's six years from now and that's a long time."

"At this time in my career, I want to cash in. I want to get something out of it. I've dedicated my life to the sport, I've taken some beatings in there and sacrificed my body and I just want something out of it. I don't mean money or that, and it's ... just respect. I want to prove I'm still a good fighter and I'm not like an older generation fighter, that I can mix it up with the best guys in the world, I can still compete. I just want to prove to myself, too."

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Recent Comments »

Torrez site profile image  

3/27/11 5:39 PM by Torrez

His career is a sad 14-13. He ain't making no comeback and will probably never step foot in a major promotion again. Chump fights are all that's left for him....

mendel site profile image  

3/27/11 2:35 PM by mendel

phil barnoi is backwatch out

I LOVE THE UFC site profile image  

3/27/11 2:34 PM by I LOVE THE UFC

Bobby Lashley tells himself this every night as he fights middleweight journeymen

Anarchos site profile image  

3/27/11 2:30 PM by Anarchos

A win is a win is a win.

1MMAfan site profile image  

3/27/11 2:29 AM by 1MMAfan

Phil is more likely to be cast on Jersey Shore than ever making a Dan Henderson like run. Hendo's a world class wrestler with a great right hand. Phil Baroni is a bloated kickboxer who couldnt knock out Gina Carano with brass knuckles.

THP site profile image  

3/26/11 2:57 PM by THP

Just watched it... Yeah it's pretty awful.

William Colosimo site profile image  

3/26/11 2:21 PM by William Colosimo

Man he looked like shit in a what was supposed to be a gimmie fightThat dude lit him up the whole time on the feet. Wouldn't mind seeing Nolte again.

Lunchbox101 site profile image  

3/26/11 2:09 PM by Lunchbox101

THE BEST EVA! Fuck the h8rs. Mofos are a bunch of betas that will never amount to anything.

kanotoa site profile image  

3/26/11 2:07 PM by kanotoa

Phil has been a very disrespectful fighter for most of his career as any non 10er would know. Now it is wrong to be critical of him?Is it wrong to say that Phil should stop fighting after that performance over a fighter no one has heard of?

Mix6APlix site profile image  

3/26/11 1:58 PM by Mix6APlix

TTT 4 NYBA. Im not a huge fan, but have much respect. Fuck the haters Phil.