Antonio McKee appears to bite Jacob Volkmann at UFC 125


“We do not know what we want, but we are ready to bite somebody to get it”
-Will Rogers, American Humorist

UFC 125, Antonio McKee vs Jacob Volkmann

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Cyril Jeff site profile image  

6/26/13 11:38 PM by Cyril Jeff

Mods! Get this man a green name, you slacks!!!

Enemies site profile image  

6/26/13 11:23 PM by Enemies

Sorry for the bump but I was recently Googling this and came upon this thread... Definitely wasn't a bite, right?

UltraMagnus site profile image  

4/15/11 6:51 PM by UltraMagnus

Mckee got screwed in that fight.....

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

4/15/11 6:02 PM by Cyril Jeff

 ttt for Mr. Christmas!  

demonbasketball04 site profile image  

4/15/11 6:00 PM by demonbasketball04

TTT til Christmas gets his green name!!

romophobia site profile image  

4/7/11 4:03 PM by romophobia

Get this man a combo... Red and Green name seems appropriate!

lookoutawhale site profile image  

3/28/11 7:33 PM by lookoutawhale

 someone get Volkmann a green name! and a bandage for his arm!

LilRoyNelson site profile image  

3/27/11 12:20 AM by LilRoyNelson

guess he was hungry.......hurry DFW raise his salary

Musashi site profile image  

3/26/11 6:21 PM by Musashi

No skin off his arm.


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