Eddie Alvarez wants to be indispensible before UFC negotiation

by Ray Hui | source: mmafighting.com

At this point of his career, Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez says he's more concerned with building his name than competing for the UFC.

"I want to be someone so I have some sort of leverage," Alvarez said Monday on The MMA Hour. "I don't want to be the next disposable 155-pounder who can be thrown out the window if he has a loss or two. I want to make myself indispensable and make a name for myself before I ever negotiate with a company like [the UFC]."

"I'm one of the top paid 155ers in the world. I don't know if anybody knows that, but now you do."

"I can't tell my three kids, 'Hey, daddy's going to take a shot and take a risk and take a paycut and hopefully I make it. It's got to be more than that for me. I got to secure myself and secure my family."

"I'm going to do the right thing to become No. 1. That's one of my main concern, but it's also to protect my financial security with my family too."

This Saturday, Alvarez will put his belt on the line against season two lightweight tournament winner Pat Curran at Bellator 39. Curran is another name out there considered a prospect, but not someone who will improve Alvarez's position in the rankings.

"I pretended that [Curran] was No. 1 in the world," Alvarez said. "I'm going to perform the way I always perform no matter who I'm going up against."

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nhbguy site profile image  

4/3/11 2:59 AM by nhbguy

For those of you who don't want to take my or other longstanding fans word for it:Aoki rankingsFight Matrix #3USA Today #4Sherdog #4MMA Weekly #4Alvarez rankingsFight Matrix #5USA Today #6Sherdog #5MMA Weekly #5Did I miss anyone? Pardon me if I go with the consensus of the entire mma community over some random, uninformed fans who don't know what they're talking about.

Uninspired site profile image  

4/3/11 1:43 AM by Uninspired

^Dont be hating

Jones Bones My Hoo Ahh site profile image  

4/3/11 12:51 AM by Jones Bones My Hoo Ahh

Some real fucking stupid in this thread...

Uninspired site profile image  

4/3/11 12:47 AM by Uninspired

Well Duh! UFC is winning!!

pervert site profile image  

4/3/11 12:45 AM by pervert

lol! that's hilarious you fucking ignorant morons are a never ending source of comedy yeah if somebody fights in the ufc we should automatically add 10 points to his record cause that's where all the best fighters are dog!

Uninspired site profile image  

4/3/11 12:41 AM by Uninspired

^Thank u. The point is your competition should be getting better with each fight if your a top guy. It shouldn't matter who you beat 10 years ago. To be relevant you need to be always facing tougher competition. Guys like Edgar deserve to be top 5 because from here on out, until the day he begins to slide down the ladder, he will be fighting the toughest competition the UFC can throw at him. It's sort of like why Florian deserves to be ranked. Yeah he's lost a few but out of his 5 losses , 2 of them are former champs(Penn, Sherk) and one is a future champ and serious undefeated competitor(Maynard).

epwar site profile image  

4/2/11 11:51 PM by epwar

Where did I challenge his top 10 status?  My point is he said he wants to make himself indespencible to the UFC.  You're not going to do that by going a full five rounds with a guy who isn't even ranked in the top 30 and has been subbed by a nobody named Travis Perzynski in under 2 rounds.  

Caught_clean site profile image  

4/2/11 11:35 PM by Caught_clean

Knew some clown would say this. Guy just won all 5 rounds and looked incredible but he didnt finish so hes probably not top 10. Yet Frankie and Gray can decesion everyone and be the best right? Curran played defense for 5 rounds, I dont think anyone was finishing him tonight.  

epwar site profile image  

4/2/11 11:22 PM by epwar

Eddie's not going to make him self indespensible to the UFC by going a full five rounds with Pat Curran.

nhbguy site profile image  

4/2/11 10:47 PM by nhbguy

^^^Kenny Florian hasn't won a fight in over a year and that was against an unranked Gomi. Yet I don't hear any uproar about Florian's place in a top ten ranking. Should Kenny not be ranked in the top ten?Aoki beat a top 10 guy less then 9 months ago and yet he doesn't fight anyone who's relevant? As has been stated numerous times on this thread, the entire bottom half of the top ten, guys like Jim Miller, Kenny Florian, etc, have never beaten a guy who was top ten when they fought them. C'mon guys.