Rivera, CEO of Ranger Up talk about setting up 'mind games' for Bisping

by Nick Caron | source: bleacherreport.com

The UFC 127 fight between Jorge Rivera and Michael Bisping went a lot further than anyone expected. It all started with a few funny YouTube videos, but things quickly escalated prior to and during the fight itself.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with two of the men who helped create the videos that started the controversy, Ranger Up CEO Nick Palmisciano, and Jorge Rivera himself.

If you are still in the dark on the videos that were created by Ranger Up and Rivera to help promote the fight, you can view them by checking out the Ranger Up YouTube Channel.

Jorge Rivera decided that Michael Bisping would make a great opponent for him while sitting in Germany at UFC 122. His fight against Alessio Sakara had just been canceled due to Sakara coming down with flu-like symptoms.

“We were all bummed about it, and Jorge was sitting there and he just kind of goes, ‘I want to fight Bisping’,“ Ranger Up CEO Nick Palmisciano recalled. “He talked to Joe Silva and Joe let him know that he didn’t think that Bisping was willing to take that fight, but he’d pitch it to him.”

Everyone agreed that it was unlikely that the overseas star would want to fight someone who didn’t quite have the same name recognition. So right then and there, they decided to make sure Bisping would take the fight.

“Jorge decided he was going to make sure Bisping took that fight,” Palmisciano explained. “[He] Talked a little bit of crap, which is definitely not who Jorge tends to be, but he wanted to make sure Bisping would take the fight.”

“He would’ve looked for a bigger opponent and I knew that if I’d talk a little smack, that he’d jump at it,” Rivera added.

The plan went into effect immediately, with the group sitting around and brainstorming ideas.

“I have been doing these sorts of things for a long time, as far back as like high school wrestling. I have an affinity for this kind of stuff,” Nick continued, “the more ridiculous, the better.”

“Jorge is hilarious and he has tons of ideas. Matt Phinney, his boxing coach, is an awesome dude and he’s got lots of ideas,” he continued, “We bring in Lex McMahon and Kelly Crigger, and we just brainstorm.”

Jorge Rivera and Michael Bisping hadn’t interacted much prior to their fight and there really wasn’t personal animosity between the two.

“In all honesty, we were cool,” Jorge laughed. “I really didn’t have a beef with this guy. I knew it was going rile people up. I knew it was going to rile up his fans, I knew it was going to rile up people that hated him.”

But Palmisciano recalled Rivera talking about an incident he witnessed from Bisping following another one of his fights.

“Bisping came back into the locker room and made a statement to his coaches and Jorge was there,” Palmisciano relayed. “He said he just ‘Threw away the game plan for the first two minutes because he was just so aggravated with the guy.’ Jorge retained that.”

“We went back and watched every single interview that we could find with Michael Bisping and while we were watching them, we had a few different psychological assessment tools. We just checked off on different aspects of human personality. Things that we thought bothered him.”

The videos were over-the-top and even ridiculous at times, but they were very specifically targeted to get a reaction out of their opponent, Michael Bisping.

“The first one that was kind of just based on statistics. With the cats, the pink gloves. We knew that was going to drive him nuts, and it did,” Palmisciano explained. “The second one, which was our favorite to do, was the interview sequence where we did it up like a UFC interview. It was just incredibly fun to make. We had like four hours of footage on that and ultimately, it went to the cut we had, but we could have made it like an extended movie.”

“We busted his balls, but it was good natured,” he added. “In the third video, it’s a Monty Python parody! You know, that’s just funny! It’s just something that we wanted to do.”

But it was at that point that they started to get a real reaction from their target.

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nogidavid site profile image  

3/31/11 11:27 PM by nogidavid

more interesting ranger up:http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=m-om5bg4qagC&printsec=frontcover&dq=ranger+up&source=bl&ots=03L35Cooce&sig=SodRzYqtIJhmfxzKNFSmBp907Wg&hl=en&ei=qkWVTZ7OOoeHhQet66zkCA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=7&ved=0CFYQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q&f=false

DrBoogerLips site profile image  

3/31/11 11:19 PM by DrBoogerLips

Do you think your illegal knee to his face had any effect on the outcome of the fight? Curious to hear your honest opinion.

GroundStPound site profile image  

3/31/11 11:18 PM by GroundStPound

Fuck Jorge, Fuck Phinney and the rest of the ranger up gang. I'm glad all of this back fired on them, they have had there 15 minutes of fame now. Jorge will drop one more fight, get cut and everyone will throw there Ranger Up t-shirt in the bin booohooohoooo.

Kliquid site profile image  

3/31/11 9:53 PM by Kliquid

I'm not sure, Liophy, but a many-on-one attack might be in the cards if there wasn't a fence between them.

Liophy site profile image  

3/31/11 8:09 AM by Liophy

Safety? Who he should be afraid of? This Phinney guy? Huge LOL here.

PickledSoylentQueen site profile image  

3/31/11 7:37 AM by PickledSoylentQueen

Bisping called out Sonnen the NIGHT OF the Silva fight on twitter. That's where Chael's "bury him where he stands" comments came from. But I suppose that's a bit of inconvenient information for a hater like you. Fucking muppet.  

supersonic site profile image  

3/30/11 10:11 PM by supersonic

I pretty much agree with what IrregularJohn posted above.

Savron site profile image  

3/30/11 9:56 PM by Savron

I still think that spitting is a classless and unprofessional act. And combine that with an illegal knee and you are bound to get reactions from fans and non fans.I'm just over these UKTT trolls and their unbiased support of the B grade fighters they nuthuggReally its boring now....Somebody posta recipe pleaseand suess you have done nothing wrong brother

chaplinshouse site profile image  

3/30/11 9:01 PM by chaplinshouse

Wow. @jjj2121: Amen. First class mods here. The spit was an embarrassment to BISPING, not Phinney you tard. I guess the mods here condone that behavior. And yes this was genius on Jorge's part. He got the fight that he normally wouldn't have gotten, he generated a ton of non existent interest (let's face it, it wasn't exactly a super fight). If Bisping had courage he'd do the same thing to Anderson Silva or Chael Sonnen. But he would never want to anger a guy that could easily destroy him (though he'll play it off like he's too mature for that, as he spits behind the safety of a fence, or splashes water in a guy's face then runs away, or denies an illegal knee even though he raised his arms in triumph after the ref underlined the illegal move). Yup, too mature for videos. As if i needed proof his post here underlines how NOT sorry he is.

Kliquid site profile image  

3/30/11 8:59 PM by Kliquid

 Hahaha, I'll see what he thinks.