The truth about fighting friends: 'Somebody's getting f---ed up'

by Ben Fowlkes | source:

If UFC president Dana White has said it once, he's said it a thousand times: MMA is not a team sport.

It's a sport that's all about individual success and failure. It's about two men locked in a violent struggle for money and status, and there's not enough of either to go around.

This, of course, is the inexorable logic of the fight promoter, who stands to profit handsomely if he can convince friends, teammates, and training partners to forego all other loyalties and duke it out in the cage. But then, the promoter doesn't have to actually get in there and knock his best friend unconscious.

As UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub put it, "This isn't basketball. It's not like Magic [Johnson] and [Larry] Bird playing each other and being all buddy-buddy. Somebody's getting f-cked up."

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Doem site profile image  

3/31/11 11:46 PM by Doem

to train with a camp at this level takes a lot of trusttrust that the guy is professional and that a mutual interest of improving performance is a priorityon the other hand, you fight people in your camp, leaves a lot of room for bullshit to come into the gym and onto the mattall that trust may go out the window.i can understand it.

WestBuiltAMountain site profile image  

3/31/11 11:44 PM by WestBuiltAMountain

 We see people in there touching gloves for all sorts of reasons during a fight - fighters take a second to acknowledge each other and something that just happened between them. We hear about fighters going and getting a beer after the fight - how they met up at an afterparter and chilled for a bit. Sure - most of these people don't train together all the time, but they're still respecting the other person and taking the time to interact with them. They're not just looking at them as some piece of meat to beat down before moving to the next. Plenty of fighters who respect each other get in the ring and fight, and then celebrate it a little afterward. It's not like someone has to die here. The only difference is you train more with the guy so strategy and stuff might get strange, and it might be weird figuring out training schedules - but that's really it. Hell, we hear fucking war stories from some camps like Chute Boxe and that was just during training. I don't buy this not fighting friends thing for a single solitary second.  

ICEMAN1245 site profile image  

3/31/11 11:33 PM by ICEMAN1245

Friends or not they can sell the fight with the hype that they were friends!!!

jjfighteromaha site profile image  

3/31/11 11:05 PM by jjfighteromaha

Reference the comments by kneetoface,Reasons why mma fighters are not welcome in most gyms:They have no loyalty to the gymThey are disrespectfulThey are self-servingReasons why teams should not have team-mates (yes, mma, grappling, wrestling, etc is a team sport) fight each other:it disrupts the gymit divides the gymit causes friendships to dissolveIn conclusion, DFW and forum members who don't thing mma is a team sport and that it's okay to fight team members don't know WTF they are talking about and they don't really know the sport.Just my two cent.

Archangel site profile image  

3/31/11 6:49 PM by Archangel

hardonk barry

Archangel site profile image  

3/31/11 6:48 PM by Archangel

evan dunham tyson griffin

Archangel site profile image  

3/31/11 6:45 PM by Archangel

munoz simpson ufc123

Archangel site profile image  

3/31/11 6:43 PM by Archangel

i remember scott smith knocking his friend out in the UFC

radiobaby site profile image  

3/31/11 6:14 PM by radiobaby

There are like 5 people in this world I wouldn't fight for >100 grand.

RyannVonREEMED site profile image  

3/31/11 6:06 PM by RyannVonREEMED

Eilers and kyle?? Thats the best example?