Chuck Liddell asks judge for full custody of son

by TMZ Staff | source:

Chuck Liddell is in an L.A. courtroom asking a judge for full custody of his son, after the boy allegedly told him he didn't want to live with his mom anymore.

Sources tell us 12-year-old Cade was visiting Chuck from Colorado, where he lives with him mom, Lori Geyer.  Chuck claims the boy was depressed and upset and didn't want to go back.  And, Chuck says, Cade complained he was "living with a severe toothache for 2 to 3 months."

Chuck took Cade to a dentist, but feels his son's "health and safety are at risk."

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sgotwalks site profile image  

4/2/11 4:54 AM by sgotwalks

The mother has invested twelve hard years into this boy, and now that he is finally big enough for the manual labor around the house she is going to lose him. It is a terrible injustice.

keylockarmbar site profile image  

4/2/11 4:29 AM by keylockarmbar

the judge called it 29/28 against chuck

Live in Vegas site profile image  

4/2/11 4:19 AM by Live in Vegas

I went through this myself. Have full-time custody of my son and daughter, ages six and four respectively. I'm living in Texas (yes I know my screen name says Vegas, it's been four years) and went through the system. The process is hell but people like to make big statements without really knowing what's what. Family court is concerned with one thing and one thing only, the welfare of the child(ren) involved. No judge is going to buy shoveling snow as abuse, if Mr. Lidell get's custody of his son it will be because the court deems it in his best interest. Period, end of story.

Josh Gibson site profile image  

4/1/11 11:57 PM by Josh Gibson

This is not MMA news. Save this type of bullshit for TMZ.

sewich site profile image  

4/1/11 11:54 PM by sewich

im sorry but fuck youchild abuse is a serious aligation, shoveling snow is not fucking child abuse and it is just a fucking ridicolous claim that he is using to try to get custody.

Leghound site profile image  

4/1/11 9:23 PM by Leghound

bringing "my dad can beat up your dad" to a whole 'nuther level

pickledsoylentgreen site profile image  

4/1/11 9:20 PM by pickledsoylentgreen

 This is just fucking sad. Let the man have his privacy. We come to this site because we love mixed martial arts, not because we love hearing about Chucks custody battles. It's none of our damn business.

NYHC site profile image  

4/1/11 8:07 PM by NYHC

same here.

Largenj site profile image  

4/1/11 8:00 PM by Largenj

It does come with the territory...hope it works out for him and his son!

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

4/1/11 7:57 PM by The Notorious OMG

yeah why is Chuck's family biz and personal details about his 12 year old son's life being made news?bad taste imo.