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Hey Guys.

UFC 129 is starting to shape-up and I wanted to reach out and interact with the fans.  So we are going to start a Twitter contest.  Lately people have been going on my Twitter and submitting to me Janitor Tips.  Which I have to say are quiet hilarious.  To see a few examples, go to the Twitter search engine and type in “#janitortips.”

So here is the contest.  I want the fans to submit to my Twitter account the funniest Janitor Tips!  I will be reading all of them and the best 10 will be awarded prizes.  The first six will receive Hayabusa Fight Shorts and Jakt T-Shirts from 2 of the best companies for MMA gear and apparel.  The top 4 winners will each receive the grand prize of on of the following:

1. The actual fight gloves I use for my next fight in Toronto autographed.
2.  My UFC 129 competition banner signed by me and all of my cornermen;
3.  An autographed vintage IFL poster with me on the cover; and
4.  A janitorial kit specially picked out by your truly

All you have to do to enter the contest are the following 4 things.

First, submit to my Twitter your Janitor Tip.  Make certain that when you do so you write “#janitortips” in the Twitter comment or it won’t qualify.

Second, become one of my followers on Twitter.

Third, click the “Like” button on my Facebook Fan Page.

Finally, follow Jakt Apparel on Twitter.

Here’s the deal, the winners of the contest will be announced in 2 viral utube videos that I will launch the 2 weeks leading up to UFC 129.  You will know that you have won if you see The Janitor himself reciting your Janitor Tip in the videos.  I will make sure to let everyone know when the videos will come out. 

Be creative and funny wit your tips.  Also, a word to the wise, photos and photo shops are also welcome especially if there is a mop in the picture ;-)

I want to thank all of my fans and sponsors.  You guys really make all of this possible for us fighters.  Make sure to follow my sponsors on Twitter...Jakt Apparel, Hayabusa, Micro Tech, Sailun Tires, X-Copper, and CSC Memorabilia. 

Your biggest fan,



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5/15/11 11:18 AM by crazygrimreaper

 ttt for the janitor!!!!!!! boom!

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5/10/11 12:54 AM by Platypus


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5/4/11 3:08 PM by Andyj45


Platypus site profile image  

5/4/11 2:15 PM by Platypus

 SOOOO how do I know what I won?Mine was the tip about always wear at least one glove in the first video...

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4/24/11 12:40 AM by LayzieTheSavage


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4/23/11 11:19 PM by HogWatcher


HogWatcher site profile image  

4/15/11 11:45 PM by HogWatcher

TTT I think Im going to win. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNZ4DLkwY6w

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4/3/11 9:54 PM by talkischeap

destroy brilz !!!!! nasdrovia !!!!

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4/3/11 5:04 PM by ajjr0ller

 The wolf?

Deuce77 site profile image  

4/3/11 4:48 PM by Deuce77

^^^^ He's like Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction.