Vinny Magalhaes refutes story that Brock tore through Extreme Couture

source: The Underground

MMAMania recently reported that Fighter Mag sat down with Xtreme Couture fighter Jay Hieron, who revealed what it was like when Lesnar was training with the Las Vegas based team during the filming of season 13 of The Ultimate Fighter.

"The guy is just a whole different animal.

"It was his first time back to training since the Cain fight and he was just under 300-pounds. It was something different and we never had a beast quite like that at our gym.

"It mostly consisted of BJJ and wrestling. A lot of rolling. He also helped some of us in the wrestling department. He did some sparring with Randy.

"You do not realize how strong he is and how fast he is unless you are there training or fighting him. I fight at 170 and I'll be the first to tell you that he was much faster than I was. It's shocking actually - the way he was just throwing guys around.

"Couture had him go through rounds of rolling. One person would step in, roll with Brock for 2 minutes then step out and someone else would go in. Forrest Griffin was there, Vitor was there, I was there, Sefo was there. We had a bunch of guys.

"He was incredibly strong, we would just go in there and get submitted a couple times and get out. He caught Forrest in the same straight armbar three times in the two minutes they were rolling. The only one he didn't tap out was Vinny [Magalhaes] but it was more of the same.

"I don't think anyone was able to get top position without him giving it up. It was a fun experience."

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However, Vinny Magalhaes came on the Underground and cast doubt on the account:

Never even met Brock.

From: Vinny Magalhães
TapouT Training Center, BJJ Instructor
Member Since: 3/16/06

The only time I saw Brock in person was backstage when he was getting ready for the weigh ins for his second fight against Frank.

I'm not sure if was really Jay who said those things in that interview, but I don't think Brock would sub Forrest, at least not 2x in the same move like it was said. Also, I haven't seen Forrest at XC since he was getting ready for his last fight, so I was wondering when this "supposedly" happened.

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twodragunns site profile image  

4/4/11 11:21 PM by twodragunns

That's laughable and you don't know the sport.

sparkyman site profile image  

4/4/11 3:13 PM by sparkyman

 I didn't think that article was real when I read it the first time.... " glowing in his praise of the pasty-faced recluse, who apparently had a gay old time" Great journalism

Scream13 site profile image  

4/4/11 3:08 PM by Scream13

THE PLOT THICKENS:Via Jay Hieron's Twitter: What interview about leaner are ppl talking about? I never did that.. I SMELL AN IMPOSTER!!

Ktaco site profile image  

4/4/11 1:42 PM by Ktaco

I agree, I don't think Cain would have gassed out. Brock's corner men might have talked him back into his game plan though, and Cain might of had to switch his depending on whether or not he felt his shoulder at that point.

GingerWhinger site profile image  

4/4/11 12:16 PM by GingerWhinger

Brock was doing really well and winning until he gassed against the cage and threw that weird back hand. After that, he goes for the TD, gets clipped then goes fetal

knuckleballs site profile image  

4/4/11 11:54 AM by knuckleballs


RLL site profile image  

4/4/11 11:53 AM by RLL

You're basically say9ing it would have been like CARWIN all over again? I think Cain had the stamina to keep going, regardless of the shoulder.

Ktaco site profile image  

4/4/11 11:42 AM by Ktaco

That video of the fight posted here really gave me a different view of what I remember. Brock was actually doing well until he got tagged. I know we can talk "what ifs" all day and it won't change anything, but it would have been interesting to see what would of happened if Lesnar made it through the round. I cannot talk from experience, but I would have to imagine that in between rounds Cain would have felt his shoulder injury much more so than when the adrenaline was pumping full speed during the 1st round.Oh well, we may get to see round 2 if he can get past JDS, and that's a big "IF" IMO

supersaiyan site profile image  

4/4/11 11:23 AM by supersaiyan

that whole "story" is BS...period