Coker: Zuffa is not creating a monopoly

by Jeremy Botter | source:

Coker might be a little biased, but when the Strikeforce CEO says that the sale of his promotion to was one of the biggest moments in MMA history, it’s tough to blame him.

“On a business level, I think it’s significant. I think it might have merit as the biggest deal in history,” Coker says. “I would say PRIDE was a big deal, but at that time there was a lot of other leagues and a lot more MMA going on. It’s definitely going to be significant.”

But did Zuffa overstep their bounds? Are they flirting with creating a monopoly in an industry still in its infancy? Coker doesn’t think so.

“No, not at all. Two years ago, Strikeforce was a regional show. I promoted the Frank Shamrock and Cung Le fight in 2007, but it took us awhile to get our TV contract. But from 2009, when we got our Showtime fights, it took us two years to this point,” Coker says. “It took a lot of hard work, but it can be recreated. Somebody out there has to step up and put the money behind it, and they can create the business just like I did and move from a regional promotion to a national promotion.”

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AmericanPsychoMMA site profile image  

4/6/11 9:19 PM by AmericanPsychoMMA

 LOL at Mircosoft being compared to the UFC situation. 

ThePundit site profile image  

4/6/11 9:10 PM by ThePundit

The Microsoft situation is in no way comparable. Come on guys- that's worse than the ridiculous NFL analogy.

RyannVonREEMED site profile image  

4/6/11 8:44 PM by RyannVonREEMED

Yeah. How about you? Have my son asleep on me right now. And it doesnt matter if the ufc isnt microsoft, it will have its come uppance.

CindyO site profile image  

4/6/11 8:41 PM by CindyO

  So... we're talking about the UFC=) Cindy P.S. You doing OK, Ryan???

RyannVonREEMED site profile image  

4/6/11 8:25 PM by RyannVonREEMED

 really? lol okay Cindy. That's why Microsoft was ripped apart by anti-trust laws.. they weren't the only choice but were still knocked from their high horse.. the UFC will have their come uppance. 

yhknq site profile image  

4/6/11 7:46 PM by yhknq

many of you people trying to pretend that fighters cant make money outside of zuffa that notion is pure nonsense bellator is paying alvarez to the point he doesnt even want to test himself against the top guys in zuffa there will always be other options out there if you dont think bellator or any other organization would jump at the chance to scoop up some talent to improve their show you are very naive

yhknq site profile image  

4/6/11 7:20 PM by yhknq

yea i hate that nflwith that watered down football they are pushing on uswho the fuck would want all the top guys being able to compete against each otherthats just crazy talk it is not possible to have a monopoly in the entertainment industry. people only have so much time and money to spend for their entertainment. therefore there is always competition to put out the best possible product.

MrGoodkat site profile image  

4/6/11 7:15 PM by MrGoodkat

Hahaha, the payroll for that entire list is still probably less than a single UFC event.

West Coast Nancy site profile image  

4/6/11 7:14 PM by West Coast Nancy

the UFC isn't a monopoly, but it's nothing like the NBA, NFL, or MLB.

Squatdog site profile image  

4/6/11 7:11 PM by Squatdog

Because podunk semi-pro local cards feeding the UFC are a valid comparison, right?