Manager: 'Shogun will return stronger than ever'

by Guilherme Cruz | source:

What are you gonna do now?

Thanks God Maurício wasn’t hurt, he’s good now. After the fight we did some exams at the hospital and he didn’t break anything, just swollen eyes. He’s already recovery and back to training at UDL, in Curitiba. We’re working to set his next fight, and we’ll have a big surprise soon for you guys, a great fight, a chance to prove he still has chances to become the UFC champion. We’re studying how we can develop, everybody has thing to work on. People can’t forget that Maurício became the UFC champion training at Curitiba. We will evolve, but I can’t tell anything right now.

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I’d like to say to all the fans, people that worked with us or not, that we appreciate the support and critics. We appreciate and understand. We know that some people use this moment to criticize a little more, but we’re professionals. Maurício passed by situations like that before, had big losses training in Brazil, and had great wing training in Brazil too. He believed in professionals now well known before and got great wins. He was the Pride champion and know who to reinvent himself to become the UFC champion. There’s no arrogance. When two fighters enter the cage, one will lose. Jon Jones is a great athlete and deserved the victory. We appreciate the support. Maurício will return stronger than ever, he already did that before.

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irishrottie site profile image  

4/6/11 2:28 PM by irishrottie

wait until shoguns team makes an announcement but i think this will happen. his team in brazil can be curitibas new grass roots. like chute boxe was. but he needs to get better and he wasnt training in brazil. with the correct sparring partners he will be great again.

DumpsterBaby site profile image  

4/6/11 2:25 PM by DumpsterBaby

^^ Do you really think that he's a better martial artist than Shogun? You can't even argue that Shogun isn't the better technical fighter.

un3rgr0und site profile image  

4/6/11 2:15 PM by un3rgr0und

Notice how they said Jon Jones is a great ATHLETE!! not fighter...hmmmm, he is athletic but you should respect his fighting ability. They probably think he's a freak...

slamming site profile image  

4/6/11 6:40 AM by slamming

Shogun is going to train in the US from now on:From his couch Dida:"Our profession is a great one, but it’s also cruel. It’s like what happened with Fedor… He was considered to be the best fighting in the world. Now he lost twice and people say he should retire. Shogun must come here and train MMA, he has to be here, Shogun can’t stay only in Brazil, he has to come here and train, breath the essence, here’s where he’ll ask all questions he has to, he’ll be treated like a student. I’ll bring him here, I’ll call him all the time saying him that, and we are together on that. we’re a family, we only want to help him, he has a good relationship with all the guys here, he’ll be welcome and I’m sure it won’t happen again. He was badly advised and he didn’t do the right training, because when Shogun is on his best, nothing can’t stop him. These things happen, and it already is in the past. Nothing better than a good fight to erase this loss. We’ll help Shogun so he’ll become the champion again."

Arecsa site profile image  

4/6/11 5:13 AM by Arecsa

Well he'd want to come back stronger, doesn't seem like it'd be possible for him to come back weaker than he was against Jones.

TheSuperiorMan site profile image  

4/6/11 4:47 AM by TheSuperiorMan

These are good lessons if a man truly wants to walk alone. I for one do not wish to walk nor live alone in a life of a perfect warrior; there is more to life then just training and fighting.     

Jayking site profile image  

4/5/11 11:40 PM by Jayking


R3aktor site profile image  

4/5/11 11:38 PM by R3aktor

I will offer for shogun this piece of poetry from the greatest swordsman that ever lived, Musashi, it is written in his final book "dokkoddo" the art of walking alone. here is wisdom and let anyone with ears hear: 1. Accept everything just the way it is. 2. Do not seek pleasure for its own sake. 3. Do not, under any circumstances, depend on a partial feeling. 4. Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world. 5. Be detached from desire your whole life long. 6. Do not regret what you have done. 7. Never be jealous. 8. Never let yourself be saddened by a separation. 9. Resentment and complaint are appropriate neither for oneself nor others. 10. Do not let yourself be guided by the feeling of lust or love. 11. In all things have no preferences. 12. Be indifferent to where you live. 13. Do not pursue the taste of good food. 14. Do not hold on to possessions you no longer need. 15. Do not act following customary beliefs. 16. Do not collect weapons or practice with weapons beyond what is useful. 17. Do not fear death. 18. Do not seek to possess either goods or fiefs for your old age. 19. Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help.[1] 20. You may abandon your own body but you must preserve your honour. 21. Never stray from the Way.

rockwell site profile image  

4/5/11 11:31 PM by rockwell

Shogun training at a US gym with good wrestlers would be a lethal combo.AKA anyone?Black House anyone?Also a fight on the Brazil card would rock.

jimbobyeaboy site profile image  

4/5/11 10:23 PM by jimbobyeaboy

This is SHOCKING!!! I was sure his manager was going to say that he is washed up and would never win another fight. Somebody call the NY Times and have them stop the presses!