The Arrow under imminent threat!

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She threatened the Arrow!!!

From: eiuwrestler174
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I think my girlfriend is getting sick of my chest Hairrow. She'd been using less than flattering phrases, giving me dirty looks when I speak of it's awesomeness, and just giving me a bad vibe all around.

And then she says, "I'm gonna hold you down and shave that thing!". Which she just may be able to do, if given a head start (ie. I'm sleeping, eating, or mid-coitus).

I think she believes I give the arrow too much credit for my success. OR, she's amazingly jealous of the attention I give it---and wants that attention for herself.

Either way..... The arrow is feeling a bit nervous. I'll defend it with honour, I promise.

Long live the arrow!!

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eiuwrestler174 site profile image  

4/17/11 6:02 AM by eiuwrestler174

I'll go with the present and hope for a meal.

bigJ6464 site profile image  

4/16/11 8:02 PM by bigJ6464

Just tell her get back in the kitchen and opinions r just satans way of distracting her from makin u a meal.

Ron Simpson site profile image  

4/16/11 7:05 PM by Ron Simpson

She'll forget all about the feud if you bring her home a present. Women love presents.

eiuwrestler174 site profile image  

4/16/11 5:51 PM by eiuwrestler174

The arrow shall never change directions, that I assure you. It's God's arrow, and I won't hsve it hint to devilish intentions nor point to the realm of the dark lord.Bat Symbol??? Now that's clever. I may have to really consider that. I've got til August, and that's if I get on the card I wish for..... we'll see!

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

4/12/11 7:56 PM by duckhuntgangsta

I'm eagerly awaiting your reply on the bat symbol.

garfner site profile image  

4/10/11 10:11 AM by garfner

She just wants you to change the direction of the arrow.

garfner site profile image  

4/10/11 10:11 AM by garfner

She just wants you to change the direction of the arrow.

Amsterdaam site profile image  

4/10/11 9:29 AM by Amsterdaam


Amsterdaam site profile image  

4/10/11 9:28 AM by Amsterdaam

Show her this: You own this.