Aoki just three taps from Big Nog's record

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Could Shinya Aoki one day retire as the most effective BJJ black belt in MMA?

A shoo-in for the great finisher’s hall of fame, Jeremy Horn, 35, is gunning for Thales Leites in Sweden at the end of this month, looking for the 50th submission of his career. But Horn isn’t one to sweat up a gi.

The still active Ken Shamrock has 22 finishes at 47 years of age. But he isn’t a Jiu-Jitsu black belt either.

Kazushi Sakuraba has 19 wins by submission, but he's a catch wrestler.

Then there’s Rodrigo Minotauro, 34, a BJJ black belt, with 20 wins coming via Jiu-Jitsu holds.

Could Shinya Aoki one day retire as the most effective BJJ black belt in MMA? When it comes down to numbers, the day is approaching for the Japanese fighter. At 27 years of age, the Yuki Nakai black belt notched his 17th submission win, over Lyle Beerbohm at last Saturday’s Strikeforce show.

Will the Brazilian heavyweight have it in him to return to the UFC and add some arms to his collection and put some distance between the two? Or will Aoki surge past legends like Sakuraba and Minotauro?

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Genious site profile image  

4/14/11 9:39 PM by Genious

Aoki has skills but no budoBig Nog > Aoki

Wasa-B site profile image  

4/14/11 9:36 PM by Wasa-B

Yeah, he's def a kinda throwback to a Royce or 1 dimensional BJJer for the modern MMA era. However, i still have issues with people so bent on calling him one dimensional since everyone is so striking obsessed these days. There are tons of guys that are as weak as he is standing on the ground.

jimbobyeaboy site profile image  

4/14/11 10:24 AM by jimbobyeaboy

Now if only he would fight top competition to make that record mean something.

bhealthy site profile image  

4/14/11 9:39 AM by bhealthy

meaningless without the WAMMA belt imo

goeb site profile image  

4/14/11 4:16 AM by goeb

Wow where do i start... I know you can point out reasons as to why hansen and Mach have victories over him, but the guy is susceptible to the KO via knees mostly, and everytime he gets KO'ed people will write him off. I'll always be a fan regardless, he shows that the guard is not dead in MMA and every opponent is afraid of aoki's guard as if it were Maia's. With the underrated takedowns, yes that makes him a modern day royce in a sense, cause Royce didn't really have that. Aoki's problem is, his takedowns are usually more suited for the ring where he can clinch you up in the corner due to his judo background or he can pull guard. This is why Melendez vs. Aoki in japan always intrigued me cause it's a big advantage for aoki who has had limited experience inside a terms of his build, I meant shrimpy by upper-tier MMA standards. Any other top 5 fighters who have a body like that? He's not an imposing figure is my point (especially if you've never seen him fight before). He's a rarity in modern MMA, and I'd like to see him fight any top guys at 155, all it takes is for the fight to go to the floor once, kinda like how a knockout artist always has a punchers chance. Doesn't matter who he's fighting.

Wasa-B site profile image  

4/13/11 2:34 AM by Wasa-B

Someone noted too that he's tapped Alvarez, Kawajiri and Beerbohm in under 5 min. That is amazing. And yes, completely agree that its totally slept on because he aint no KO.Case in point, everyone is going buckwild over Gil's TKO over Kawa but Aoki finished him faster. Gil WAS dam impressive but Aoki finished Kawa in the first sequence of the fight but about 1/50 of the noise was made when that happened.

Naughty Gorilla site profile image  

4/12/11 11:43 PM by Naughty Gorilla

Retarded. Every org except full Vale Tudo has limitations. Unified rules has rather pussified rules? Guess it shouldn't count either? Lots of guys still got KTFO in Pancrase. Ask Bas's victims. Ask Frank Shamrock who got KTFO.

goeb site profile image  

4/12/11 10:09 PM by goeb

Aoki has always been like a modern day Royce Gracie to me. He lives and dies by his outstanding BJJ skills and that's how he wins fights really, even against other great submission fighters he does amazing things others cannot.He is this shrimpy looking guy who can beat any fighter at 155 on any given day if he can catch them in his guard. He may be susceptible to the KO via guys like Hansen or Mach but the guy has had quick sub victories over Alvarez and Kawajiri, beat them both within 2 minutes. Doesn't get as much credit cause it's not a KO, but to sub those guys that quickly is damn impressive

Lord Kancho site profile image  

4/12/11 9:23 PM by Lord Kancho

holy crap @ horn! 50 is amazing!

jacktripper site profile image  

4/12/11 7:37 PM by jacktripper

i wasnt criticizing you, i also believe fighters who been in fixed fights should have a a big * next to their name in the record booksand yes sak has been in at least one fixed fight outside of pride also (vs kimo of all people)