Huerta and Baroni both drink cobra blood in Asia

source: OfficialSwick

The crazy challenges continue as Huerta and Baroni 1-up my island to island ocean swim by drinking raw Cobra Blood in South East Asia. He put word out a few weeks ago that he wanted to do it, so the opportunity arose when it was this Cobra's time to become a belt. We caught all the action for you guys to witness. *WARNING* It is very graphic. Plus, we use graphic language so no kiddos!

What should we do next guys?


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bamx2 site profile image  

4/16/11 11:57 PM by bamx2

 Pics or it didn't happen! 

Stu Cazzo site profile image  

4/16/11 10:55 PM by Stu Cazzo

 Are Huerta and Swick going to be walking funny in the next vid?

ThommyGvn site profile image  

4/16/11 12:00 PM by ThommyGvn

you sure that's not from the cobra dick?

solidsnake site profile image  

4/16/11 11:59 AM by solidsnake

LOL Phil!

pervert site profile image  

4/16/11 11:46 AM by pervert


PhilBaroni site profile image  

4/16/11 11:16 AM by PhilBaroni

2 shoots of Cobra Blood and Ive had a hard on for 6 days nows

Mark Matheny site profile image  

4/16/11 12:39 AM by Mark Matheny


BzGrappla site profile image  

4/14/11 1:27 AM by BzGrappla

I love how roger is just all chilling.. like he was in an aerobics video.This the same dude that came to a girls honor and knocked out a 260 pound linebacker on TMZ?? him weighing about 165 pounds at most.. haha all at peace

Mark Matheny site profile image  

4/13/11 11:51 PM by Mark Matheny

Phil, I reffed UFC's, WEC, Strikeforce, & you in Wes's Columbus show. I challenge you to try what I do w/ live snakes, not dead ones. Youtube-Rattlesnake strikes Mark Matheny.... Yell at me & I'll take you with me.

McBottery site profile image  

4/13/11 11:34 PM by McBottery

Hahaha, that was funny as shit