Nick Diaz reworks Strikeforce contract, opens door for boxing bout

by Steven Marrocco | source:

In fact, a trip to professional boxing is still on Gracie's radar, and he said he's working to book Diaz on a fight sometime in the fall, possibly against former IBF champion Jeff Lacy.

That could be a possibility now that Diaz has reworked his MMA contract.

"These guys get to the point in their career where they want the big fights," Gracie today told "That's what Jake Shields is wanting. That's what (Dan) Henderson wants. They don't have to prove themselves."

"We were talking about Vargas, but the thing is, I just came under some information that Vargas apparently has some kind of medical issue where he's not able to pass the test any more, and he could be retiring," Gracie said. "Vargas was very interested, but unfortunately, if he can't pass the test, he can't pass the test."" target="_blank">read entire article...

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bsrizpac site profile image  

4/18/11 9:39 AM by bsrizpac

You know nothing about boxing. Just like MMA actually. So I guess it balances out.

HogWatcher site profile image  

4/16/11 8:29 PM by HogWatcher

Did anyone mention that Andre Ward and Omar Henry vouch for Nick in the boxing ring?

haya1340 site profile image  

4/16/11 8:18 PM by haya1340

listen here pickledpigfeet or whatever your gay ass calls yourself. your original comment comparing diaz and daley to a legit test shows your extensive mma knowledge dumbass (won't mention the reem misquote) . i like nick he's great fighter but all bullshit to the side he would get mopped by any of the boxers mentioned its that diff rent. but then again you probably think bisping deserves a title shot s there goes your creditability

cld53 site profile image  

4/16/11 7:39 PM by cld53

Vargas is not fighting in 2 days. He pulled out at least a month ago

Sadyv site profile image  

4/16/11 6:56 PM by Sadyv

Much Lower talent level in K-1, Overeem had originally started out in kickboxing, and had never stopped training kickboxing while doing MMA. Overeem also was developed physically, and had, by some means, added 40lbs of bulk to his frame. THe lower level of talent is really the biggest factor, HW kicboxing is not going to be in the same ballpark as the talent pool you find at lower weight divisions in boxing. Going from MMA stand up to kickboxing is nowhere near the difference as going MMA to boxing. Let's be real serious, against a shorter, smaller, mediocre at best pro boxer in KJ Noons, Diaz did not display much superiority. What makes you think he could step into a boxing ring with a top or former top talent pro boxer of the same weight class as him, and be able to handle them?

dwnsouthgaboy site profile image  

4/16/11 6:14 PM by dwnsouthgaboy

 Holy shit.....I've never been interested in the MMA vs boxing BS.  (and I come from boxing)  But this I actually want to happen so you idiots will STFU. Diaz would get humiliated.

PickledSoylentQueen site profile image  

4/16/11 5:51 PM by PickledSoylentQueen

 Same could be said about Overeem before the GP, but what good did that do his opponents?

Sadyv site profile image  

4/16/11 5:14 PM by Sadyv

No superhero BS, it's just facts.All the time Nick has spent training, split between boxing, wrestling, BJJ, kickboxing, conditioning? Boxers spend all that time JUST on boxing and conditioning.Nick's a great MMA fighter, his boxing is decent, but that is just it: He'd be a decent boxer, a good test for young prospects, but he'd never be a contender for titles.

BehemothMonk site profile image  

4/16/11 5:07 PM by BehemothMonk

Pretty funny how a MMA fighter in his prime wants to box a washed up past their prime boxer and would prob still get smashed. That would be like one of the Klitchkos calling out Dan Severn in a MMA fight and trying to prove something.

kanotoa site profile image  

4/16/11 5:04 PM by kanotoa

I'd like to see Diaz fight a fat Vargas. Viva La raca!