Is Nick Diaz GSP's antithesis?

by Trent Reinsmith | source:

When one takes a look at the two fighters, however, it’s easy to see that they could not be more different.

Both men have extremely loyal fanbases, but Diaz also has an equally large number of MMA fans that revile him—and while you can find fans that dislike St-Pierre, you would be hard pressed to find many that can profess an honest hatred for the man.

Diaz, on the other hand, has no problems eliciting feelings that strong.

It seems as if every time that Diaz’s name is uttered outside of fight night, it's preceded by some type of indignation.

“Did you see what Diaz did last night?” or perhaps, “Did you hear what Diaz said in the interview he gave to…?”

When is the last time St-Pierre ever did anything approaching controversial?

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Swamuel McSwamuelson site profile image  

6/21/11 8:12 PM by Swamuel McSwamuelson

How is alves better than diaz? Diaz wrecks daley in one round, could gsp do that? No.Imo daley is easily a better striker than alves, remember what daley did to kampmann? Could alves or gsp do that? No.Seriously dude, your love of gsp blinds you.

GageIsLegend site profile image  

6/21/11 7:48 PM by GageIsLegend

^ that remains to be seen if diazs striking is better. Gsp outstruck alves and alves is better than Diaz.

Swamuel McSwamuelson site profile image  

6/21/11 7:33 PM by Swamuel McSwamuelson

Striking - DiazBJJ - DiazWrestling - GSPDunno what you are on about.

Swamuel McSwamuelson site profile image  

6/21/11 7:21 PM by Swamuel McSwamuelson

GSP has repeatedly grabbed UDs from the jaws of a finish, the fact is that he is a boring fighter.

I LICK DEMON BALLS site profile image  

6/21/11 7:04 PM by I LICK DEMON BALLS

 so you can say diaz is 10 wins 0 losses or 14 wins - 1 loss - 1 no contest since sherk fight and either way its better than koscheck or anyone else whos fought gsp ( aside from shields )

I LICK DEMON BALLS site profile image  

6/21/11 7:03 PM by I LICK DEMON BALLS

 josh koschecks record before getting title shot at GSP  4 wins 2 losses one loss by tko finishing 2 out of 4 of his winds with two losses one a tko loss, another decision, where diaz finishes 9 of 10 straight wins with no losses   win paul daley decision win frank trigg tko win anthony johnson submission loss paulo thiago tko win yushiyuki yoshida ko loss thiago alves decision

I LICK DEMON BALLS site profile image  

6/21/11 6:59 PM by I LICK DEMON BALLS

 then he finished 9 out of 10 of these guys including tkoing paul daley in the first round which koscheck couldnt do with ten straight wins in a row Paul Daley Cyborg Santos K.J. Noons Hayato Sakurai Marius ┼Żaromskis Scott Smith Frank Shamrock Thomas Denny Muhsin Corbbrey Katsuya Inoue"

I LICK DEMON BALLS site profile image  

6/21/11 6:57 PM by I LICK DEMON BALLS

since the sean sherk fight nick diaz is 14-1-1 with 2 wins coming from ufc the rest dream and strikefroce  we all kno the no contest was originally a gogplata submission vs gomi, and his only loss was due to cuts which we all know is lame....  so hate all you want but hes basically 15 wins and 1 loss or 14-1-1 if you count gomi win a nc  since beating sherk? who else goes on a streak like that 14 - 1 - 1 then after going with 10 straight wins nine of which were finishes either tkos or subs   

un3rgr0und site profile image  

4/17/11 7:11 AM by un3rgr0und

I think GSP would dismantle Diaz, he's just superior in every aspect. The dude lives MMA every second of the day.

georgejonesjr site profile image  

4/17/11 12:38 AM by georgejonesjr

If some people find his fights interesting, then they're interesting to them. If others find his fights boring, then they're boring to them. There's no universal standard, interesting and boring are completely subjective. In the case of athletes, they become celebrities because of their skills; I'm not sure its really possible to separate GSP's ability as a fighter from his fame. Even with Kimbo, when he started losing at high levels his popularity dropped - he was still famous, but couldn't draw the PPV numbers. Fame isn't enough for athletes, they also have to be good ... I don't think you can really argue that GSP brings in PPV's just because he's famous.