Overeem wants to go after JDS for steroid comments

source: fiveknuckles.com

On who he most wants to fight next:

"Cain Velasquez. And why? Because he is the UFC champion, and believe you me when the tournament is over, I'll be coming for him. And after I'm done with him, we're gonna go after dos Santos for his nice comment."

"Cain is a good striker, good wrestling. He, in my opinion, is not ranked number one. How do I see myself against him? Well it's gonna be a great fight. He is a well rounded fighter. I think I'm better on the feet, on the ground probably equal. It's probably gonna be a matter of time, it's gonna be a matter of time until we see that fight."

"In my opinion, the winner of the Strikeforce GP is, without a doubt, the number one in the world."

On Junior Dos Santos questioned Overeem could have gotten so big, so fast without using some kind of help.

"I have no answer. Like I said, he can say what he wants. I've fought numerous times in the states. I've always done all the tests, like all the other athletes and I've always come through the test negative."

On next opponent, Fabricio Werdum:

"Fabricio Werdum is a very good grappler, maybe the best grapper in MMA to date at this time ... And he's grown since our last encounter, but so have I. I think I'm better now. I've grown more than he can anticipate. I'm better on the feet, I also think I'm better on the ground, so I'm pretty confident that I'm gonna get him."

"It's definitely about revenge. For me, believe me, I'm motivated. But he can say whatever he wants, I know I'm going to be prepared for this fight. I'm very motivated. Keep talking, I ain't listening."

On Fedor Emelianenko:

"I think he has accomplished great things in the past. He is a true legend, he's been undefeated for ten years. I mean nobody can say that. Is he overrated? I mean, Fedor is aging a bit, but I still think he is able to show great fights. I've been trying to fight him myself but that fight has not materialized yet. So maybe in the future, I don't know."

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JSMHP site profile image  

4/17/11 10:56 PM by JSMHP

REEM vs JDS would be the most excited I have been for a fight in long long time.

Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

4/17/11 9:23 PM by Herring In A Fur Coat

 Dos Santos TKOs Overeem, calling it now.

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

4/17/11 9:19 PM by ABE FROMAN


JesusBonesChrist site profile image  

4/17/11 9:15 PM by JesusBonesChrist

Are they 5'9? lol you're a fucking retard if you think someone with Overeems frame can't weigh that much and be that ripped.

donniejessup site profile image  

4/17/11 9:12 PM by donniejessup

samoan power is correct.

Anti JR site profile image  

4/17/11 8:54 PM by Anti JR

Strange that the biggest natural bodybuilders who compete in tested(lie detector & bloodwork) shows top out at the 200lbs mark.

The Sorta Kinda MMA Guru site profile image  

4/17/11 8:33 PM by The Sorta Kinda MMA Guru

^ this If you believe overeem has never done PEDs you are by far the dumbest person on planet earth

RickMartelsArrogance site profile image  

4/17/11 11:25 AM by RickMartelsArrogance

Top 10 HW Brett Rogers My argument wasn't about who is ranked where currently, it was that if Overeem or Werdum wins the GP they'll rightfully be #1 HW in the world.  Anyone trying to dispute that beating Werdum/Reem, then Bigfoot, then Barnett/Sergei all in the same year would allow themselves to be #1 HW in the world is simply clueless IMO. It sure makes a better case for #1 than beating Dennis Stojnic, Kongo, Rothwell, Zombie Nog and the cowardly lion afraid of fists over the span of 2 yrs.  

TopGrinder site profile image  

4/17/11 11:25 AM by TopGrinder

 Looks like the Reem has been getting an unjustified bum rap. He has never tested positive. So shut the fuck up already. its tough for him to move up the rankings cause nobody wants to fight him. Hopefully he jumps over to the UFC and we see where he really is at. I dont think he will be the best but easy top 3-4.

ILOVEFIGHTING site profile image  

4/17/11 11:22 AM by ILOVEFIGHTING

Cain would put the Reem on his head. Cain is #1.