Chad Mendes next in line for UFC featherweight title shot?


One person, who will be sitting cageside with his eyes locked on that fight, will be current top 145-pound contender Chad Mendes.

The undefeated Team Alpha Male fighter blew through former Sengoku and Dream fighter Michihiro Omigawa in his last bout, and now has every intention of challenging the winner of Aldo and Hominick.

“I can tell you Chad will be sitting ringside in Toronto watching Aldo and Hominick fight, and he has all the hopes in the world that the winner of that will be his next fight. I believe he deserves it, I believe he’s ready for it, and I think it’s his time,” Mendes’ manager, Mike Roberts from MMA Inc., told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

“He’ll be UFC-131-official-for-April-30th-in-Toronto/">sitting front and center hoping to get that shot.”

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Evilzpet site profile image  

4/17/11 6:38 PM by Evilzpet

The fans when ppl get sick of watching grown men hump eachother and lose interest in pro mma. Most casual fans, and even some hardcore fans, are confused as to how this is even considered fighting, but you wrasslin boys are too self absorbed to see this.

chuckles1 site profile image  

4/17/11 5:04 AM by chuckles1

Mendes is talented and definitely will get through most of the competition in that weight class, but I do not see him being able to beat Aldo at all

SpennyBenny site profile image  

4/17/11 4:17 AM by SpennyBenny

Chad Money via WrestleFuck. See Sonnen v Silva without the triangle.

healthyvagabonds site profile image  

4/17/11 4:04 AM by healthyvagabonds

I have been a huge fan of Hominick since his days in TKO, but I can't believe so many people are giving him a shot in this fight with Aldo. I don't see it at all. I think Mendes will be a much tougher fight for Aldo than Hominick.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

4/17/11 3:58 AM by WRESTLENOW

who can stop this new wave of wrestler-super tanks?

Toogawdly site profile image  

4/16/11 6:49 PM by Toogawdly

Mendes will get murked. Prolly gonna be aldo's easiest fight.

Evilzpet site profile image  

4/16/11 5:52 PM by Evilzpet

I don't think Mendes could be exciting if his career depended on it.

Hellenke11er site profile image  

4/16/11 4:57 PM by Hellenke11er

Watching the brookins vs Aldo fight I remember the takedown that brookins had on Aldo, maybe if mendes uses that style takedown and since he will have better top control aldo shouldn't get out from under as fast, but then again Aldo is a monster on the ground

ec site profile image  

4/16/11 4:53 PM by ec

^^ I didn't think mendes vs Javi or mendes vs Omigawa were half as boring as some of fitchs fights. Mendes has a good future ahead of him. I'd love to see him vs Aldo. I'd give the edge to Aldo but still. Interesting division.

Tommy Gunnz site profile image  

4/16/11 4:40 PM by Tommy Gunnz

Mendes is my least favorite fighter in MMA and makes Fitch look like Genki Sudo. I hope Aldo crushes him and sends him back to the prelims