Manager: Anderson Silva 'already' the greatest fighter of all-time

by Damon Martin | source:

Silva is often touted as the top pound-for-pound fighter on the planet by UFC president Dana White, and his manager believes that he’s not only on his way to being considered the greatest of all time, he might already be there.

“I really truly believe in my heart that Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter of all time,” Soares commented.

The numbers make it hard to argue.

Silva has defeated every top contender the UFC has thrown at him, and put most of them away in devastating fashion. Even when he went up to 205 pounds, Silva was able to absolutely obliterate former light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin in less than a round.

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whistleblower site profile image  

4/19/11 5:49 AM by whistleblower

WTF. (Especially at "always has been." Again, more typical noobism.) Historically, MW was actually the weakest and most underdeveloped of the 5 previously major weight classes, especially before around 2005-2006 (where Pride didn't even officially have the full weight class and title until 2005, while the UFC's MW division had lain largely dormant until 2005 as well, after Busta had previously left with their title).And the MW division that Anderson specifically came in and dominated was still not as developed yet - and ultimately weaker and shallower than the HW division that Fedor dominated. (Where MW was still a division where even Misaki and Kang had been top-FIVE - Filho was in fact top-TWO - and guys like Loiseau, Salaverry, and Suloev were top-10 as well. Hell, which is why all Anderson had to do to become "#1 contender" himself in that division was beat Leben, while the previous "#1 contenders" there had been Loiseau and Quarry [LOL].)(And let's not even get into comparing anything 185 and below from even earlier in the 2000's - which would only make even more conspicuously clearer how HW was certainly NOT "always" the "weakest division in mma.")Seriously, why even try to speak in terms of "always has been" or "at the time" when you are clearly not qualified to do so?

FingerorMoon site profile image  

4/19/11 5:11 AM by FingerorMoon

You realize they are in separate divisions right?Bones Jones makes LHWs look like midgets. Ryan Bader looked like a stumpy armed dwarf next to him. The in fight pics of Bones' last few fights look like silly mismatches.Why would Anderson Silva want to come up a division to fight that? No is at least honest.I guess he could have said he wanted to concentrate on putting the weight on correctly and needed a decade or so to put on the muscle just right.

onepunchJD site profile image  

4/19/11 4:38 AM by onepunchJD


onepunchJD site profile image  

4/19/11 4:37 AM by onepunchJD

You do realize your trying to make a hollow point.. and that we can see right through it. Dont you?"Fedor dodged top competition""Fedor fought Zulu and Hong Man Choi"Gee.. how many times did you read lines like these, before you started to use them yourself.LOL.. Lather, rinse, repeat.Some of you guys are like teenagers. Acting like you know everything because youve done some homework.. LOL. Meanwhile the "adults" who have actually experienced things, and have a true perspective.. shake their heads and smile.

edock02 site profile image  

4/19/11 3:59 AM by edock02

I love silva and if he really had a 'fighters' attitude towards up n'comers I would put him up there as the 'greatest' fighters in MMA. With such a high skill set I couldn't believe he just shut down a fight with Bones so quickly. There was no maybe, just a big NO to the fight.... wow. I want to see you get tested Anderson.I dont think having ur coach callin u a GOAT is really productive, seems biased. Let the fans of the sport call who really is the fkn GOAT... blow his horn as much as u want coach but at the end of the day modesty will show who really is the greatest and who is here for the show.

whistleblower site profile image  

4/18/11 3:00 AM by whistleblower

Oh man. Regardless of any particular personal opinion on Fedor per se - you really can tell (quite clearly) who the newer fans are. (Not saying that only newer fans are so dismissive of Fedor - but it is also probably no coincidence that it is often these same newer fans who more easily dismiss Fedor than anyone else, especially for the wrong reasons.)Posts like yours (and its fallacious conclusions) are also what happens when newer fans get a hold of rankings from an era, without any sense of context or the broader reality that existed in that era.I am genuinely glad that you have at least made yourself aware of the fact that Sakurai was such a big win at the time, and was even considered #1 "P4P" by those who even bothered to measure this concept then - but still, ultimately, Nog was an even bigger win at the time. I don't think any reasonable person who was actually around at the times would even dispute this point.Because along with just reading the ranking from that time, you might want to additionally make yourself aware of the reality that the mythical "P4P" ranking was NOT this widespread or popularized, all-defining concept in MMA at the time (or that people were all oohing-and-awwing over "P4P" debates like they would be later on in the decade) - when back then, most didn't even bother with "P4P" rankings at all yet, or even close to the extent that they do so today (or with even nearly as much attached significance).Plus, 167-170 was still not such a developed or major division in MMA yet. (For instance, being the #1 at HW - a MUCH more established and developed division - meant MUCH more at the time.)Don't get me wrong - Sakurai was still a significant, eminent figure in the sport when Anderson beat him. But Nog was even more so - where Nog was THE preeminent, and an almost mythical, figure in the sport at the time Fedor beat him. So it is truly laughable to see someone now try and argue that Sakurai was somehow a bigger or more meaningful win than Nog was, because Sakurai was #1 "P4P" on some rankings then - when Nog was more than just that.Nog didn't need any purely mythical "P4P" rankings-validation.Because Nog was not only the dominant #1, and universally considered the ABSOLUTE best fighter in the entire sport at the time (where he was widely even considered almost invincible then) - but Nog was widely considered the best MMA fighter EVER to that point.There was absolutely no bigger win even possible in the sport than one over Nog at that point. In no reality-representative way was Sakurai a bigger, more impactful or significant win than Nog was - regardless of what some archived "P4P" ranking might tell you today.This would be like trying to argue years from now that Manny Gamburyan was somehow a bigger win for Aldo than Hendo was for Anderson because Gamburyan was ranked #2 at FW at the time and was a higher-ranked fighter than Hendo was for Anderson. And yet which fight was ultimately, easily, the more significant, defining win at the time? (Even despite the fact that Hendo was coming off losses in his last fights at both 205 and 185 as well.)Again, Sakurai was still a very big, monumental win - but ultimately not on the same uppermost-mythical level as Nog was. Nog was definitely more mind-blowing. (And Anderson has never had a single win that was even reasonably as big as Fedor's over Nog. Although Sakurai is very arguably his closest.)Reading some of the attempted context that is constructed in newer-fans' posts really does give away the fact that they are nothing more than just that - newer-fans' posts.

whistleblower site profile image  

4/18/11 1:47 AM by whistleblower

Oh man. Not to keep belaboring this point, but it really is generally more newer fans (along with the same agenda-driven revisionists like orcus and fiercedragon, of course) who keep spouting this same uninformed, out-of-context drivel - or who altogether "LOL" at, or dismiss out of hand the notion of Fedor being the greatest MMA fighter ever (that he just "can't be") - when they were not even around for much, if not most, of Fedor's career and greatness as it happened. (So how would you even know for yourself in the first place?)During his run of dominance, Fedor in fact beat more top opponents without losing for longer than any other fighter, in any weight class, in MMA history to this point.Yes, he beat some unworthy or lower-level opponents along the way as well - but he also beat many opponents who were considered "quality" (or at least top-10/top-5 in the division) at the time those fights took place - which is why Fedor was able to become, and stay, the undisputed #1 for so long. (In fact, for years longer and more continuously than any other MMA fighter ever so far.)Fedor was the greatest MMA fighter of the previous decade, with the greatest, most consistently and thoroughly dominant reign of the previous decade - much or most of which most newer fans missed out on as it happened - but which was absolutely unparalleled as it was happening.LOL @ "can't be."

FingerorMoon site profile image  

4/18/11 12:58 AM by FingerorMoon

LOL now do Fedor using the same heavily biased method.

frontrowbrian site profile image  

4/17/11 11:06 PM by frontrowbrian

 How to become the greatest of all time in MMA... 1. Beat a math teacher from Ohio twice 2. beat a one legged Canadian 3. beat a reality show winner 4. beat someone usually too drunk to train 5. beat someone who was fighting for 3 and 3 a year after beating them 6. beat someone who wasn't even motivated to make weight for a title fight 7. beat someone jacked up on heroine 8. beat someone whose prime was 1997 Anderson has 2 wins worth a damn in the UFC.... Hendo and Chael. Guy has 2 wins in 5 years and he's the "greatest ever"???

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

4/17/11 10:58 PM by KevinMcAllister

revionist history 101