Melendez: Nick Diaz can hang with Andre Ward, boxing will be great for him

source: HDNetFights

"I think Nick is the type of guy who just likes to challenge himself personally. He does the Ironman, that's why he did MMA, and that's why he wants to do boxing. He wants something to motivate him. I don't think he cares what anyone thinks, win or lose or what. He just wants to challenge himself and that's what he's going to do. I think he's also put himself in a good situation, where he has that bargaining chip now, maybe they're going to be forced to give him that top opponent to stay in MMA. So I think he’s in a great  situation."

"I respect that he's going to step in and do boxing and go outside his comfort zone and test himself. I think it's amazing and I think Fernando Vargas might be making a mistake.“

“Just the dollar figure (for fighting a major match in boxing) and all that as well, I don't know what the contract says; it's just going to be a lot more persuading and also might evolve the MMA game as well."

"I know I can't hang with … top level pro boxers, I'm realistic, I know I'd get smashed.  Now Nick Diaz … goes spar with Andre Ward who to me he is the best 167 pounder in the world out there and he survives. He has bad days,  he might even have good days and that's the toughest guy in the world. If he can hang with him and have good days against him … I think he will do just fine with someone like Fernando Vargas and a lot of guys out there. He spars a lot of tough guys. He's already doing it, he's already there. He's also not naive about stuff, so I think it will be great for him."

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bsrizpac site profile image  

4/18/11 10:11 PM by bsrizpac


orcus site profile image  

4/18/11 5:59 PM by orcus

It would be spectacular if he subbed Woodley from his back in the first round. It sounds like he's worried he would be taken down and unable to do anything and lose the decision.

caposa site profile image  

4/18/11 4:53 PM by caposa

 the other thread i posted it on is kinda dead, so ill post it here too: Cesar Gracie was just on Mauro's radio show, here's a little breakdown on what they spoke about. Keep in mind I am just paraphrasing some of this About Nick leaving the spot of MMA for Boxing: -if Nick ever did something like that, he would be disappointed like everyone else because he's a fan of his too -There's a lot of fights out there, but not really many names left for him in Strikeforce -Tyron Woodley was offered the fight in April and Woodley's camp turned the fight down -Just doesn't feel like it would be a spectacular fight -There are a lot of misconceptions out there, Nick would have no problem signing with the UFC -Forza LLC never offered Nick a new contract. It was simply a new bout agreement that was necessary because of the new ownership. At first they didn't like the language of the agreement, but after sitting down with Zuffa's lawyers, Nick actually ended up signing. -Nick has 3 fights left under his Strikeforce contract -Nick has never asked for a fight with Sergio Martinez. Gracie says that he only mentioned the name because it was one of the names originally thrown at him. -Says that although Nick would fight anybody, he does not see that fight happening, and that it would be ludicrous to even think about. -Says they are pushing for a boxing match next because of the historical value of MMA/Boxing - Nick is about the challenge. It's the same reason he does triathlons. Not to be the best in the country, but because of the challenge. -Understands that Nick's payday would likely not be much bigger than he's getting now in MMA. He has been doing MMA for 11 years now and just wants a break in the schedule to challenge himself, whether its boxing or kickboxing. -Few different opponents are possible. He was contacted by a manager on friday. At first they were looking at a fight at 168lbs but the manager mentioned 175 lbs possibly. Hoping to have an announcement by the end of the week.

Sans Lubricant site profile image  

4/18/11 4:48 PM by Sans Lubricant

 He couldn't knock out Noons but he will knock out Vargas? No

kizzy site profile image  

4/18/11 4:19 PM by kizzy

Ally he had to resign wit sf due to the champions clause in his old contract same wit gil

THE CACTUS KID site profile image  

4/18/11 4:12 PM by THE CACTUS KID

He'll KO Vargas

Sans Lubricant site profile image  

4/18/11 4:10 PM by Sans Lubricant

 Troll of the year ladies and gentlemen.

THE CACTUS KID site profile image  

4/18/11 4:08 PM by THE CACTUS KID

Diaz gots what it takes to compete at a high level in boxing.He wont have to worry about kicks,takedowns,but only hands,so focusing on just punches and defending punches will make his boxing that much better.

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

4/18/11 4:06 PM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

I am currently completing a Masters in Economics, so the jokes on you.You said, "Diaz already has won a pro boxing match against someone with a winning record"... That statement is simply WRONG! The fact that the guy went on to have a "winning record" doesn't matter. At the time he fought Nick Diaz, he was 0-0 and that's a winning record right? You idiot.By your logic, the guy with zero pro fight experience is the same as the guy with 10 pro fights experience.Btw 7-4 in boxing may be a "winning" record but it's the record of what you call a tomato can. Pure and simple.If you owned anyone, it was yourself.

fiercedragon site profile image  

4/18/11 3:53 PM by fiercedragon

LOL! i'm sure i could talk griff into taking a easy payday against nick @ nick competing w/ a top level boxer...