Warren/Galvao Judge: Don't leave it in the hands of the judges

by Michael David Smith | source: mmafighting.com

Saturday night Bellator featherweight champion Joe Warren won a controversial unanimous decision over Marcos Galvao in a non title fight. All three judges gave the bout to Warren, a result that found few supporters outside of Warren's immediate family. Indeed, responses from the MMA community ranged from 'controversial' to 'fix'.

The greatest source of controversy was judge Chuck Wolfe, who, alone, called the second round for Warren. MMAFighting caught up with Wolfe, who defended his decision, although he declined to go into a detailed account of the second round.

"It could be one takedown different, it could be one punch different, it could be one kick different, it could be one attempted submission different."

"I've judged and refereed since the beginning of the sport, I've been head official for over 600 different bouts. If you want to question my credentials, I think I have way more than anyone out there to be qualified to judge. I know fans get disappointed, but I don't think you're going to have Joe Warren fans complain about how the decision went."

"Did he damage Warren in that fight? Yeah, he did, for a short period of time. I remember the bout very clearly. When they are close rounds there's one thing or maybe two things that might put someone ahead. ... You can grade it 10-10 but you might as well not be there if you're not going to score someone to win the round."

"There are a lot of things that a fan will cheer about outside the cage, but each judge has a different viewpoint and a different angle. Unfortunately, judges don't have a replay, don't have a rewind, they just have to judge by what they see."

"He had three rounds to take Warren out if he really wanted to beat him -- he had three rounds to dominate Warren, as well as Warren had three rounds to dominate him. It's up to the fighter. ... Don't leave it in the hands of the judges, especially when it's a close fight."

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Recent Comments »

osiriss site profile image  

4/22/11 6:54 PM by osiriss

WOW that guy could not be more arrogant! does he have any idea the he basically laid out all the evidence necessary to prove that he is incompetent?

DJLastCall site profile image  

4/22/11 12:37 PM by DJLastCall

You don't finish fights by BEING in mount. You finish fight by DOING something once you are mounted. Some judges do not score dominant positions if nothing is done with them. Gaining mount and doing nothing....is little different than being on the feet and throwing combos that don't land. If you aren't scoring with strikes, or working a catch (as opposed to a position), you aren't working to finish...you're working to maintain a position. That's no different than circling on the feet whether you're advancing or not. If you get a takedown, and the other guy gets away before you do damage or attempt a catch...there is a valid argument that no one ever had the advantage in that exchange.Given that example, if the guy that GOT taken down scored more total (and/or damaging) strikes in the round, there is valid argument for him to win the round regardless of who had whom in what position for however long.

Haulport site profile image  

4/22/11 12:23 PM by Haulport

I actually said that right after the fight. I believe he was paid off by Bjorn and when someone said "Why did he score it so badly?" my answer was that he was lazy and probably not paying attention.Such a disgrace.

Winnson site profile image  

4/21/11 8:07 AM by Winnson

I'd love to see a video of him during that fight.  What do you want to bet he was either chatting with people or sending text messages while judging?  He sure as hell wasn't watching the fight the whole time. Just pathetic

KwikTempah site profile image  

4/21/11 4:55 AM by KwikTempah

^^ keep your 12 year old opinions to yourself junior . "don't leave it in the hands of the judges" is something fans say because of the perceived incompetence of the judges . to hear a judge say it is mind bottling !!!!

shadyboxer site profile image  

4/21/11 4:24 AM by shadyboxer

dont be a bitch

shadyboxer site profile image  

4/21/11 4:22 AM by shadyboxer

finish your fights and you wont have to worry about judges. easy.

WhiteWhale site profile image  

4/21/11 4:07 AM by WhiteWhale

man i have hated this sound bit of "dont leave it in the hands of the judges" crap since i first heard itif ur strength is big punching and the dude has a rock head and keeps taking u down but u still landing HTF are u sposed to magically finish the fight?

unclewang site profile image  

4/21/11 12:56 AM by unclewang

 "You can grade it 10-10 but you might as well not be there if you're not going to score someone to win the round." The big cahuna of MMA judging actually fucking said that... and for fighters not to leave it in their hands. I've tried to type something but I have no words to describe how wrong and idiotic this is. 

HexRei site profile image  

4/20/11 9:37 PM by HexRei

"Don't leave it in the hands of the judges" is something people say because due to the wide variation in scoring perception of scoring, even a fighter that is seen to be winning may lose the fight on the cards. Judges themselves should NOT be saying this. I mean FFS. A judge saying that is basically saying "We may not make the right decision, so don't let us have the opportunity."