Dana White: Royce Gracie will NOT be fighting at UFC 134: Rio

by Mike Chiappetta | source: mmafighting.com

UFC president Dana White has indicated to MMA Fighting that the promotion has no interest in offering a fight to Brazilian pioneer Royce Gracie for the UFC's upcoming August event in Rio de Janeiro, refuting previous reports that talks between the two sides could result in a Gracie return.

Just last week, Gracie told Brazilian news site Esporte.UOL.com that negotiations for his return were ongoing.

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Recent Comments »

CLINTK9 site profile image  

4/21/11 4:35 PM by CLINTK9

His fight will be a HUGE HUGE Draw on PPV & in Brazil!

CLINTK9 site profile image  

4/21/11 4:33 PM by CLINTK9

I guess my math is off! your in the same shape at 70 as 44?

CLINTK9 site profile image  

4/21/11 4:31 PM by CLINTK9

NOOOOOO! because Lylte is not a big enough name for the Legend! Not concerned about Royce getting hurt (jct71 must have got beat up by some bullies, so he's one of those run and hide guys) just want to see him fight, and fight another big name like Hughes or a Legend!

WEB site profile image  

4/21/11 4:29 PM by WEB

good, he would lose anyway.

CLINTK9 site profile image  

4/21/11 4:28 PM by CLINTK9

Yes, PLEASE no Royce vs mid-carder! Hughes is the only current guy I want to see him fight! But Legend vs Legend is what needs to happen here!

mrzipplokk site profile image  

4/21/11 4:25 PM by mrzipplokk

 Can't we all just be friends ? lol

CLINTK9 site profile image  

4/21/11 4:23 PM by CLINTK9

and 98% of the posters on my royce vs frank thread said they wanted to see it! Dana and UFC are only interested in Royce when they can make a shitload of cash off his dvd apparently! Cant say for the rest of the posters on this thread, but your defintly a TUF Noob! By the disrespectful crap you spew about Royce I wouldnt doubt if your just a high school kid either!

ophusker site profile image  

4/21/11 12:16 PM by ophusker

If Royce were to fight I think it has to be against Hughes. I don't want to see him get beat by a no name up and comer. Hughes would take it to the ground and Royce would at least have a fighting chance to pull a sub. It would be a good last fight for both those guys. Hughes would likely go out with a win and Royce would get one more fight and pay day vs. a guy that it woulnd't be embarassing to bet beat by. I don't want him to be another Shamrock whom are last memories of are getting beat by Buzz Berry. Nor do I want to see him get KO'ed brutally by some stiker.

Wade Garrett site profile image  

4/21/11 11:14 AM by Wade Garrett

I'd also like to point out that Royce is not Chuck, he hasn't been put to sleep with strikes in his last 4-5 fights. And the Hughes loss shows how great Matt is, not that Royce was never any good.I feel that whoever said this is about money is probably correct. But it's still a shame that the Dana would pay an obscene amount for James Toney but won't open his wallet for Royce.

KenTheWalrus site profile image  

4/21/11 10:43 AM by KenTheWalrus

*Didn't read the whole thread* I think this is bullshit. I saw one comment about how now they can replace the Royce spot with a meaningful fight. Because the UFC does not have any type of contender rankings, there is no such thing as a "meaningful fight" that isn't a championship bout. It's not a spectacle, or waste of a card slot to pay homage to the fighter who made the UFC. Yeah, I said it, Royce made the UFC. How many fighters and promotion personalities have publicly stated watching Royce, a small Brazillian kid in a gi, beating muscled up monsters like Ken Shamrock as their first introduction and subsequent reason for getting into MMA? I have heard that alot in interviews over the years. Pay some respect to the man. Yeah, his fight won't be a draw, but how many fights on a PPV card are draws? There's usually 1 or 2, maybe more on the rare card. Give him a mid-card slot. Royce deserves it.