TUF 13, Episode 4 recap

by Dann Stupp | source: mmajunkie.com

With Junior Dos Santos' squad up 2-1 on Brock Lesnar's team, we're about to put a third of "The Ultimate Fighter 13" in the books with tonight's fourth episode.

The Team Dos Santos training session begins in high spirits now that Ryan McGillivray has upset Team Lesnar's No. 1 pick and reclaimed matchmaking duties.

Assistant coach Lew Polley talks about the coaches' spirited debates but that, in the end, everyone is looking out for the fighters' best interests. Lew doesn't think Team Lesnar is operating in a similar, all-for-one manner.

Brock initially is missing from the practice. During the previous episode, he went home to deal with personal issues. But Brock soon shows up and offers Len Bentley some words of encouragement following his recent loss.

Brock is committed to getting wins for his remaining four fighters. And he's not happy with Clay Harvison, who seems distracted. Charlie Rader looks equally lackluster to Brock, who is getting irked by the minute.

Team Dos Santos' Ramsey Nijem (4-1) vs. Team Lesnar's Charlie Rader (14-4)

UFC president Dana White does the intros, referee Herb Dean officiates the proceedings, and we're underway.

Charlie throws a leg kick and is backed up with punches. Ramsey puts him against the cage and dips to look for a takedown. Charlie defends and delivers some knees in between his re-balancing. Ramsey clings to him and continues working for the takedown while mixing in a couple knees of his own. Charlies defends well, lands a few more knees, but he can't get off the fence. Ramsey then delivers knees to the legs and keeps his opponent pinned against the fence. Charlie mixes in some short punches, and Herb calls for action. Ramsey secures a single leg and works for the takedown, but he can't get it. An illegal knee from Ramsey brings about a short timeout, but we quickly restart in the center of the cage. Ramsey wings some wild overhands that allow him to put Charlie against the cage again. This time, he immediately works knees. Charlie answers with a few short punches but doesn't have much behind them. Ramsey continues working for the takedown but mixes in enough knees to be the clear aggressor. Charlie answers with knees and punches, but Ramsey finally gets his takedown. He wings punches, but Charlie quickly hops back up. Ramsey pins him against the cage again and quickly gets another takedown. He delivers some punches to the head and body, is kicked away, but moves back in with a right hand that partially connects. The first round belongs to Ramsey, 10-9.

Between rounds, Ramsey gets words of encourage while Brock implores Charlie not to "hold back."

The fighters trade wild punches to start the second round, but Ramsey quickly closes the distance and looks for the takedown. Charlie is warned about grabbing the cage and is quickly taken down. Charlie gets back up and then pops a kneeling Ramsey with punches. Ramsey gets back up, powers forward and gets another takedown, this time taking the back of his kneeling opponent. He then rolls him over, gets in one hook, delivers punches, and then gets his second hook. He rolls again to take back mount, slaps on the rear-naked choke, and Charlie quickly taps out.

"I knew we lost that fight when Ramsey got in the octagon," Brock says in a confessional. "I could see it in Ramsey's eyes. It wasn't in Charlie's eyes. ... I thought I was in a bad dream. Here's a guy who was beating himself."

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KimboByGhettoplex site profile image  

4/22/11 12:31 AM by KimboByGhettoplex

It's both the talent and the format. IMO these are the key problems with the show:Problem #1: There is a lack of talent.Problem #2: There is an overexposure of fighters who don't matter, and TV time is wasted.Problem #3: The archaic house format is unnecessary to achieve the same reality show feel.Problem #4: The team vs. team format is stupidly weakened by the fact that the fighters live in the same house. Fighters on opposite teams seem to more often become friends, not enemies. If the idea is to build up team comraderie then they are failing miserably.Problem #5: SpikeTV's goals are incongruent with the UFC's goals. Spike wants ratings and their only ideas of attaining those ratings revolve around 15-year-old toilet humor. The UFC OTOH wants to 1) sell a coach vs. coach fight on PPV, and 2) build up new fighters to promote and cash in on them as they work their way up. The only place the two sides match up is they both want the viewer to tune in each week, especially to the TUF Finale.My solutions:Problems #1 and #2: Instead of 8 spots in 3 rounds or 16 spots in 2 rounds, have 32 spots open over 5 rounds and include alternate bouts. Add more talent to the picture, and that way when shit fights happen you aren't always obligated to show them in their entirety. Just show highlights (lowlights) and describe the fights, and show only what turns out to be the best fighters and the best fights. Don't waste 20 minutes of TV time one week and, say, 40-50 minutes of TV time during the season on a fighter who flat out doesn't matter in the end. Marginalize him and use the TV time to show another fighter who deserves it and who the UFC can benefit from. Instead of spending the first 30 minutes of a show building up a fight at the end - and risking building up someone who doesn't matter - build up the winning and the important-but-losing fighters at the beginning of the following week's episode. That way each episode starts off with the building up of the previous weeks worthy fighters only, then has some coaching and training highlights, then more fight highlights, and then the marquee fight at the end.Problems #3 and #4: There is strife, tension, humor, etc. enough in the rigors of a training camp and in the interaction between fighters and their teammates and coaches. The house format is redundant, so remove it and focus on the training camps. Have the teams live in separate quarters and provide them greater access to coaches and training partners instead of having to share facilities all the time. The UFC training center can be neutral ground for weigh-ins and fights, etc. Let rivalries between teams develop, and this should also make the competition between coaches seem more important.Problem #5: Renegotiate the SpikeTV contract, take full control of the production of TUF, and drastically change the format. The initial seasons of TUF with the house aspect kind of reflected the overwhelming public image of the sport at the time, i.e. a bunch of drunken amateur brawlers looking for some TV time. But the public has since come around on MMA quite a bit, and even though it's not mainstream, it's becoming accepted as a real sport. It's time to present it as such. Focus on the fighters and the fights that matter. The UFC needs to take more control and treat TUF the way they treat their other fight cards, i.e. if a prelim sucks ass then they don't air it, but if there's a war or a finish on the prelims they try to squeeze it in if they can. And if a fighter blows in a loss, and especially if he quits, they cut him. Same thing.

KimboByGhettoplex site profile image  

4/21/11 11:27 PM by KimboByGhettoplex

Haha, excellent post. It's the same old shit again and again, and I absolutely hate that lazy, pointless, bling bling style of directing. It's so fucking amateurish.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

4/21/11 1:26 PM by WRESTLENOW

i am a better wrestler credential wise than anyone on the show, i don't have as much mma experience as they do but i would give it a shot and i think i could win.

1BL0Wko site profile image  

4/21/11 12:39 PM by 1BL0Wko

i was really looking forward to this season since it has kinda felt the show has been losing its appeal.i was let down.very boring show. and the fight's have been mediocre at best.the highlight of the season so far for me has been the "chicken shit to chicken salad" group lecture. lol.

Evilzpet site profile image  

4/21/11 12:31 PM by Evilzpet

No, you couldn't. You are a random tenor like me and any one of these guys would kick the shit out of you easily. I'm not saying that they are great, just being realistic.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

4/21/11 12:23 PM by WRESTLENOW

I am 99% sure i could win this season of TUF, the guys on this season suck, and it shows alot about the skill level of the guys this season that a run of the mill semi-decent high school wrestler can be seen as a favorite.

Shawdaddyflex site profile image  

4/21/11 11:04 AM by Shawdaddyflex

I was trying to read this thread, but there's just a bunch of posts that translate into "bitch, bitch, bitch." Soooo many reality show producers who could do it better.Just because YOU don't personally know a fighter doesn't mean they suck. Especially everyone here without a green name posting on this thread. STFU! You don't like the quality of fighter on the program. go train your ass off, go win 15 fights in a row or some shit then go to a tryout and blow everyone out of the water. If you're eating cheese curls while typing this shit up, again....SFTU! You guys are worse than those damn "Foodie" bloggers. A bunch of elitist pussies who think they can somehow train better, act cooler, have better music, know 15 guys who are soooo much more deserving than anyone here, and oh yeah could do what Dana White does 10000x better. Get your heads out of your own asses. If you don't like the show, don't watch it. Then you don't have anything more to bitch about and you can stop wasting space on this fucking forum.

easedel site profile image  

4/21/11 10:59 AM by easedel

They need a different direction with the show. Some fighters came out and talked about the editing done to make one thing look like something it wasnt. There seems to be way too much of that. We don't want to watch a MTV type soap opera production. We want to see the training, the fighting....not some guy dancing butt naked in a house with other guys.Make the season longer. Give the guys time to train & fight. Build it up. Not tossing these guys into fights a few days apart.

xcouturefan site profile image  

4/21/11 10:35 AM by xcouturefan

terrible show

ebullock site profile image  

4/21/11 10:07 AM by ebullock

I don't know if I would go that far. They just need to do a better job of picking the fighters. I am sure that we all know of people that are way more deserving of being in the UFC than some of these guys. So far we have seen 2 people just quit on this season.  


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