TUF's Bentley: Brock is a ranting, a------, turd

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In Wednesday's TUF 13 episode, coach Brock Lesnar was chewing his team out for insufficiently enthusiastic training and fighting. Mid bombast, team member Len Bentley enthusiastically leaves the locker room. Below, Bentley tells you why, and what he thinksw about his 'turd' TUF coach.

Brock Lesnar came back and heard I had a good fight.  I was surprised when he was rather respectful toward me after my loss gave Junior dos Santos’ team control over the matchups.

While the other guys might have been excited about the special guest Brock brought in — none other than Matt Hughes — all I could do was shake my head and laugh.  Hughes is probably the one cause guy i really didn’t want to see.

My training partner, Dennis Hallman, is the only man to beat Hughes twice and never suffered a loss to him.  Because Hughes talked some trash about Dennis in his book, I’m really not a fan. You did not see much of me during that segment.

Brock mentioned to Matt  he has the Four Horsemen left — the four guys that we had left to fight: Tony Ferguson, Charlie Rader, Clay Harvison, and Chuck O’Neill.  Matt rolled with them first and went over some drills.   I think this was Brock’s way to bring some motivation to our team.

For the fight announcement, Junior picked Ramsey Nijem from his team and Charlie from our team.  We knew Ramsey was a good wrestler, but we were confident in Charlie because he was a good wrestler himself and had good hands.  We felt Charlie would KO Ramsey.

Chuck played a huge part in helping Charlie make his weight with no problem.  Meanwhile, Ramsey was running around naked, dancing, for everyone in the house.  He earned the name “Stripper Ramsey” because he was just too good at it, so good that he made us think he really did it as a side job!

Round 1: Charlie seemed a little flat.  That wasn’t the Charlie I got to train with in the house.  It seemed like his nerves were getting to him because he wasn’t letting his hands go.

I thought, “OK Charlie got the jitters out,” and was going to let those hands go in Round 2.  But no... Ramsey took  Charlie’s back and sunk in a rear naked choke for a quick tap. Charlie tapped before the choke was even sunk in.

Brock was so pissed he threw the stool into the cage.

Then they cut to the dressing room, and only showed a piece of what happened.

It was extremely quiet while Brock was lecturing us ... Brock started ranting that we are all walking around here all high and mighty or something to that effect.  That’s when he rattled off the cities we are from.

When he got to Seattle, I was pissed.   This a------ is saying I’m chicken s--- and I am walking around all high and mighty when this turd didn’t even show up for my fight and hadn’t even taken the time to watch it when he got back.

So I told him that I fought my heart out and wasn’t gonna stay around for his ass chewing!

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Len Bentley files a weekly blog for MMADieHards.com and appears Thursdays on Punch Drunk Radio on the MMADieHards Radio Network

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4/23/11 8:48 AM by GetJimiPosterBoyInTheUFC!

 Despite the fact that I think, and thought, that Lesnar was highly overrated... How the fuck are you gonna say he wasn't a multiple time champ? Beat Couture for the belt, DEFENDED it against Mir(yes, a title unification is a defense, seeing as he owned the primary belt), and DEFENDED it again against Carwin(another unification). 

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4/23/11 8:17 AM by trampking


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4/23/11 7:45 AM by chew22

Except for you've earned yourself those names by your behavior, and the names you're calling me are just due to your vagina getting sand in it.

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4/23/11 7:34 AM by JBob300

full metal jacket? yelling?christ, he was just giving a speech telling them that they need to stop thinking they are the shit like they are in THEIR gym and come into his gym like general population. he wasnt yelling, or foaming at the mouth, maybe louder then ur normal one on one convo, but thats pretty much how u HAVE to talk to a room full of kindergardyers . seriously if that offends you in any way, or EVEN makes you raise an eyebrow then you will not or have not trained in any serious sport where your coach has thought YOU had a chance to win.

WhiteWhale site profile image  

4/23/11 7:27 AM by WhiteWhale

ghey dramawhy do u guys need someone yelling and cursing to get a job done?too much full metal jacketstfu and get the job done

bustowithnobra site profile image  

4/23/11 12:26 AM by bustowithnobra

 I think the only reason they get fired up, is bc there's a 100K bonus...

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4/23/11 12:22 AM by Evilzpet

Yeah and you're fucking faggot. See we can call names back and forth all day dipshit, go fuck yourself pussy.

Poindexter site profile image  

4/22/11 11:08 PM by Poindexter

 Bentley just needed a pat on the back and to be told that he can do anything he wants to if he puts his mind to it.

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4/22/11 10:45 PM by DJLastCall