Joe Rogan likes Nick Diaz just the way he is

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They say ambiguity can defined as watching your mother in law drive off a cliff, in your new Lexus. Dana White may feel the same way about Nick Diaz. He was happy to say goodbye to the Nick Diaz that had so many brawls outside the rules, in a hospital for example, or post fight on national television. But Dana must have been unhappy to lose the Nick Diaz that had so many riveting brawls within the rules, most recently against Paul Daley. As White put it, perhaps a little ruefully, Diaz "could be a big star if he would just calm down a little bit and not be so angry with everybody."

UFC color analyst Joe Rogan, however, said on Monday's episode of The MMA Hour that he likes Nick Diaz just the way he is.

"I like Nick Diaz as Nick Diaz. I don't think he has to do anything different."

"I think what Nick Diaz needs is big fights. I think what Nick Diaz needs is promotion and big fights. Obviously, I'm biased when it comes to this whole Strikeforce-UFC thing, both under the same umbrella, but what I hope it leads to is super-fights. I want to see Nick Diaz against the very best in the UFC. I would love to see Nick Diaz vs. Josh Koscheck. I would love to see Nick Diaz vs. Georges St-Pierre."

"I think he's one of the best fighters in the world, I really do. He's one of the most exciting, and that's for sure. Just think about what kind of a champion fights a guy with his own style and takes it to him the way he did to Paul Daley. I mean, he threw caution to the wind and went out there and banged with Paul Daley and took him out with his own style ... incredible fight.

"I am a huge Georges St-Pierre fan, and I think he is own of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, but I couldn't imagine him employing that kind of a strategy in a championship fight and making it so exciting. Nick Diaz is a wildman. He just goes in there guns blazing, and he doesn't have to. He has an amazing jiu-jitsu background, we saw that in the Cyborg fight, as soon as it went to the ground and he was on his back, he locked up Cyborg in an armbar, and you know, Cyborg is a real experienced veteran. Nick is a phenom. He has improved dramatically."

"The real issue that Nick is going to have is with wrestlers. He's going to have an issue with guys who hold him down and don't do anything, hold him down and play it really safe and just punch him and hit him with short elbows. I think those guys are going give him trouble always in the UFC. But in Strikeforce, when he's fighting Cyborg, when he's fighting Paul Daley or Scott Smith, those guys, they're not going to do that, they're going to stand with him, and that's when he looks spectacular."

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R0CK0 site profile image  

4/22/11 10:29 AM by R0CK0

JeffersonDArcyChoke 16 hours ago I'm shocked Rogan didn't say weed is awesome before saying he loves Diaz. Rogan is like a carload of college kids with dead bears on their window headed home to watch G4. Makes you hate Potheads. someone get this kid an apple and some floss because this guy is a good little boy.

Poindexter site profile image  

4/22/11 10:18 AM by Poindexter

 Hogan is hight.

SpartanFightClub site profile image  

4/22/11 9:46 AM by SpartanFightClub

I dont agree. Try to stall in Marcello Garcia's guard....See my point?? Why wrestler should play bjj with bjj guy??? Why?? I always tell our guy to not play bjj with bjj guy, just wait for an openning. If the guy like to play the whore position, it's ok with me, but i will not play with him.  

romophobia site profile image  

4/22/11 9:44 AM by romophobia


Oldboy site profile image  

4/22/11 9:39 AM by Oldboy

When someone only wants to hold you down it's hard to do anything, no matter how skilled you are. When guys lay on their opponents and just stay there they don't create any openings for the other guy to escape. It happens all the time at grappling tournaments. A guy will score a takedown and then just hold side control for the rest of the match, never going for a transition or a submission. It's like being a great striker but every time you try to engage the other guy just clinches and holds on for as long as he can.

SpartanFightClub site profile image  

4/22/11 9:23 AM by SpartanFightClub

 'He's going to have an issue with guys who hold him down and don't do anything, hold him down and play it really safe and just punch him and hit him with short elbows' I always find that kind of comments retarted...If he's so good with his zuzitsu, why he cant get up?? Always the same lame excuse from bjj fan boy...

Finnie1878 site profile image  

4/22/11 5:04 AM by Finnie1878

Why would he change? I don't see why a promoter would want to either. The man is a fucking draw because of the way he is.

jkd4200 site profile image  

4/22/11 4:59 AM by jkd4200

You and many other dont seem to really get BJJ... so it may look like Joe is talking out of both sides..Its not like Jake stayed in kampmans guard... He is not doing what Chael Sonnen did... Jake will pass the guard, take side control and then mount and attack for submissions. In BJJ that= 2 points takedown...3 points guard pass...4 points mount.... advantages for NEAR submissions.So that is 9-0 very quick... and in BJJ that is dominating.THAT is why Joe gets hard over Jake... Because Jake is showing CRAZY Jiu Jitsu skills in an octagon. Which is very hard to do.

dhughes site profile image  

4/22/11 3:28 AM by dhughes

Dead Bears is a pretty good band name actually.

gr8fuldreadz site profile image  

4/22/11 2:55 AM by gr8fuldreadz

dead bears?Grateful Dead bears