Anderson Silva: Not good things are going to happen to Yushin Okami


On January 20, 2006,a  little known Anderson Silva stepped inside the cage opposite Yushin Okami in the opening round of the Rumble on the Rock welterweight tournament in Hawaii.

Silva quickly displaying his dominance. Okami was in big trouble when he dropped for a single leg takedown and eventually got the whirling dervish on his back. Suddenly Okami found himself on the receiving end of an illegal upkick which sent him flying to mat. Okami could no longer continue, so he was awarded the disqualification victory. Okami was knocked out of the tournament in in his next match by the event's eventual champion, Jake Shields.

That was Anderson Silva's last loss. At UFC Rio Silva will have a chance to avenge the loss, and his sense that Okami could have continued but chose not to, a belief that lef Silva to labe Okami a 'Samurai without honour'.

"I was a little surprised with his reaction to that [upkick]," Silva told "Do I think he could have continued? I do think he could have continued. But he had the rules in his favour. I did an illegal kick and he chose that it was better not to continue.

"The thing I always demand is respect. I respect everybody and have a history in the sport and I believe people need to respect me. When they cross that line of respect is when they don't really understand what happens.

"And things happen to them that they never imagined would happen. To me, you have to keep respect. When you don't, not good things are going to happen to you." 

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Inaction Jackson site profile image  

4/23/11 3:08 PM by Inaction Jackson

Anderson feels disrespected by the homeless woman on his block that walks her cat on a leash.

Bing Lao site profile image  

4/23/11 1:29 PM by Bing Lao

He walks around at around 215 because he likes to eat alot. He is very soft at 205 so there is no reason to believe that is the weight class he should have been fighting at this whole time.You losers just have unwarranted, bias hate against Anderson and it shows how stupid you are. He clowns every single person he fights and consistently shows how much greater he is than everyone else.

gibboau site profile image  

4/23/11 12:19 PM by gibboau

Silva really relies on the fact he weighs 215-220 about 10 weeks out from the fight. I mean, he uses the memory of that weight advantage so well. His style is completely based on being bigger and out muscling his opponent. He never uses his speed or technique. He's just a bully. Lucky Mayhem is in the division now, time for a beatdown. Oh wait, he 'walks around' at about 212 lbs, he's a bully too.

kelby site profile image  

4/23/11 11:20 AM by kelby

90 percent of ufc fighters probably use steroids. win someone gets caught, they get hung bad. as if they are innocent themselves. for all we know silva could be on same shit as sonnen.

JBob300 site profile image  

4/22/11 6:49 PM by JBob300

exactly. i dont hate either fighter, but ive seen it dozens of times. good guys get the "he would have won either way" or if he loses its like "see roids dont help you that much"a heel like sonnen tests positive and people want to hang him like he's jose canseco.

Evilzpet site profile image  

4/22/11 6:46 PM by Evilzpet

^Yeah like after a truckload of guys rallied to Thiago Silvas defense and claimed he would have destroyed Vera regardless of juice. But Sonnen vs. Silva is a different story for some reason?

osiriss site profile image  

4/22/11 6:45 PM by osiriss


JBob300 site profile image  

4/22/11 6:42 PM by JBob300

^i like how roids only make all the difference when its someone you hate.

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

4/22/11 6:40 PM by duckhuntgangsta

 How? Sonnen is an aggressive wrestler, something Silva has trouble with, plus he was not 100%.

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

4/22/11 6:40 PM by duckhuntgangsta

 Not to mention Sonnen was juiced to the gills.