Couture: I don't want to go out like Liddell did


"I felt horrible for Chuck," Couture related to ESPN about Liddell losing five of his final six fights at the end of a career that helped define the sport. "Everybody was chatting about him retiring. He's been such an amazing champion and he had such an aura around him.

"To have him drop the last couple in the way he did, it just sucked. The way the fans talked about him, it was very disappointing. I felt bad for him."

 "There had to be an end. I'm not crazy. I'm not nuts. I realize it's not going to last forever.

"So why not take control and do it on my terms? When I want to do it and not because I've been knocked out the last three times and nobody wants to see me get beat up again? I never want to have that conversation with anybody."

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Rucking Fetard site profile image  

5/6/11 7:12 AM by Rucking Fetard

No Chuck retired cause Dana didnt want to see him get KTFO again and again and again he would still be fighting now if Dana didnt care

TheFirstDragon site profile image  

5/6/11 2:34 AM by TheFirstDragon

I won't acknowledge the moronic posts in this thread.Chuck retired when he felt it was his time. His legacy will live forever...Randy retired when he felt it was his time.His legacy will live forever...What are you critical morons doing with your lives?

catbath site profile image  

5/5/11 7:22 PM by catbath

I don't understand the Randy hate.  He didn't say anything about Chuck that wasn't true -- and it all seemed to come from a genuine place of liking the guy and feeling bad for him. As a near-40 year old guy who gets up early to work out and fend off father time, Randy is a personal hero.  I also will always appreciate Chuck for the highlights and memories. 

slamming site profile image  

5/5/11 7:09 PM by slamming

TTT for a hell of a career.

AmericanPsychoMMA site profile image  

5/5/11 7:03 PM by AmericanPsychoMMA

 In what way?  Chuck is 2-1 vs Randy

The National site profile image  

5/5/11 7:01 PM by The National

Randy>Chuck easily.

1BL0Wko site profile image  

5/4/11 7:24 PM by 1BL0Wko

chuck will always be a badass, pioneer of mma in my eyes.

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

5/4/11 7:20 PM by I AM A MOFO

FULL O FAIL!Chuck took down Wanderlei multiple times, Overeem, and more. Y'know, basically whenever he's fought another striker with a chance at beating him he's utilized the takedowns in some way.Considering his big run was almost entirely against grapplers who were desperate to get him down, WHY would he use his take downs THERE? ASIDE from being stupid?I'm a Toney fan and don't care for Chuck but what you're saying is retarded, Chuck wouldn't think twice about using his wrestling there. AND in the past when asked about fighting Tyson THEN (welllll after Tyson was active/prime) he said he would do it but he would TAKE HIM DOWN immediately.Chuck would shoot a TD just about as quick as Randy, only he'd end it much more dramatically and brutally via not hitting like my sister.

crossfitislol site profile image  

5/4/11 7:20 PM by crossfitislol

Glad Machida KHTFO saturday night. Could not have happened to a nicer guy!

MrHenson site profile image  

5/4/11 7:05 PM by MrHenson

good idea by randy i mean, no one wants to get knocked out 3x in a row then quit a real man gets his teeth kicked out, knocked unconscious, then walks away like a hero. theres a huge difference between getting beat, trying again, then agian, then sayig "alright im done" - and getting knocked out once and saying "ok, this shits gonna happen again in 5months if i dont stop now" big ups to randy for realizing hes got nothing left rather than testing himself 2more times before giving in. RANDY NEVER DIE