Mir: UFC wrestlers could rip Overeem down in a cage

source: mma30.com

(5:40 mark) Roy Nelson is most dangerous if you move back. He is very good at moving forward ... One thing I am going to do is move in, just kind of crash into him. I am a bigger, stronger guy, faster. I am not going to move backwards.

Now every top 10 heavyweight in the world is all together now. Now there is no reason we cannot all fight each other.

(8:10 mark) Obviously I still think Fedor is a great fighter ... all fighters have times in their career they are not doing well. Al athletes have slumps ... I've always admired him. It's weird to say that you admire someone and to show it want to punch them in the face ... that's fighting I guess.

(8:38) With all the guys with the wrestling ability (in the UFC) I dont think Overeem will do as well as a lot of the fans would like him to do ...He's been fighting in boxing rings ...and now going to fight in a cage ... You have some guys Velasquez or Carwin or Brock, they are going to change levels and push you against a cage and rip you down. When youre a striker, it's a issue.


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ironkong site profile image  

4/23/11 3:12 PM by ironkong

i dont get what he means... is it the size of the sf promotion that makes him say big fish in a small pond. cuz they HW division in SF is the ocean and all beasts swim there.

Rock Ortiz site profile image  

4/23/11 2:40 PM by Rock Ortiz

If only duffee had more time to train lol

Arecsa site profile image  

4/23/11 4:21 AM by Arecsa

Fighters can't evolve and improve? I guess GSP is the same guy who got subbed by Hughes a few years ago. Shields by armbar next week in that case.

joe bruce site profile image  

4/23/11 3:24 AM by joe bruce

Mir is right, a wrestler like Cain is a horrible match up for Reem. Reem is a lil overrated. He is the same HW that got ko'd by all the LHW's a few years ago.

UltraMagnus site profile image  

4/23/11 2:03 AM by UltraMagnus


nowaydo site profile image  

4/22/11 6:06 PM by nowaydo

Never been a Mir fan. I've never rooted for him, but he is a great spokesman for MMA. 2nd only to Randy.

Kirik site profile image  

4/22/11 5:29 PM by Kirik

 Video should be fixed.

pervert site profile image  

4/22/11 5:27 PM by pervert

overeem is #1 heavyweight in the world he wins the strikeforce tournament easy then runs through ufc heavyweight division

b0bb0 site profile image  

4/22/11 5:22 PM by b0bb0

Valid points, and Mir is a MMA legend compared to Overeem. If you look at things objectively, Mir is a pretty legit mma fighter who went through some hard times and came back.

DamnSevern site profile image  

4/22/11 4:50 PM by DamnSevern

 o ok, that settles it.