Pros' picks: GSP vs. Shields

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Duke Roufus: Shields comes from the tough Cesar Gracie team, but I have to go with GSP, by the new Roufusport-inspired off-the-cage technique for his 55,000 Canadian fans, called "The Flying Maple Leaf."

Brendan Schaub: GSP by however he wants to. He'll probably put on a boxing clinic and get a TKO in the fourth round. He's such an extraordinary athlete that he can and will dictate the fight.

Elvis Sinosic : Every time I post my picks, I write a novel and I get hell for it. GSP for the victory.

Shamar Bailey: I think Shields has a chance as long as his game plan revolves around what he's good at.

Jorge Rivera: I think GSP will win the fight by stoppage due to strikes as early as the third round and as late as the fifth. His stand-up is more than Jake has ever had to deal with, and I think it will fluster him the same way Dan Henderson did in the first round of their fight.

Michael Guymon :
I know everyone and their mother is taking GSP over Shields. I'm going with Jake. This fight will hit the ground one way or the other, whether it be Shields taking GSP down or GSP taking down Shields. [In] either scenario, I see Jake physically turning into an octopus and submitting Georges -- the end.

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Pros Picking St. Pierre: 43
Pros Picking Shields: 5
No Pick: 4


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Jaybrone site profile image  

4/26/11 6:07 AM by Jaybrone

It is crazy that the pro's all see it for GSP except the GSP haters and those who are close friends with Shields.

Jaybrone site profile image  

4/26/11 5:14 AM by Jaybrone

I expect GSP to be tested more then he has in the past. However I see this as a decision win for GSP unless the docs stop it due to a cut or swelling. I don't think GSP has KO power specially if Dan can't bingo him then GSP won't. And Dan landed a serious bomb on Jake.I think this has the potential to be the toughest fight GSP has faced in his career.

2TALL4BJJ site profile image  

4/25/11 10:38 PM by 2TALL4BJJ

So basically from that list of peers the only people that picked Shields are his own coach and a couple of GSP haters.

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

4/25/11 10:33 PM by Gnarls Gnarlington

Jake Shields is a clown.

FormrChamp site profile image  

4/25/11 4:16 PM by FormrChamp

I give it to Shields he won that fight. I'd bet Hendo takes it 8 out of 10 fights. He looked like shit, but you can't take the win away from Shields, he deserved it.

sevr1 site profile image  

4/25/11 1:44 PM by sevr1

I think only 1 guy who picked Jake wasn't his good friend...

Hus site profile image  

4/25/11 11:21 AM by Hus Popular opinion means fuck all in MMA.  While like everyone else, I expect GSP to win, I would not be shocked if Shields can pull it off.   

Platypus site profile image  

4/25/11 10:37 AM by Platypus

 Shields via sub

DumpsterBaby site profile image  

4/25/11 10:30 AM by DumpsterBaby

Damn...43:5. That's rough.

TheGARV site profile image  

4/25/11 10:24 AM by TheGARV

 Almost impossible to bet against GSP.  The guy is just so dominant.  I'm just hoping the fight goes to the ground and stays there.