Batista: Strikeforce deal dead due to UFC buyout


42-year-old former WWE star Dave Batista quit pro wrestling in mid-2010 and announced he was interested in MMA. Various sources including Batista himself announced that a deal with Strikeforce was imminent.

Then the UFC bought Strikeforce, and according to an interview with, the deal is apparently dead.

"(The deal with Strikeforce is) done. We were (in negotiation with Strikeforce) but UFC bought them out, and never said anything to me about it. I'm disappointed."

"I was talking to a couple other federations but I really had my heart set on Strikeforce and I thought we had a deal. ... (The negotiation) didn't break down until they sold out.

"I just had no idea, nobody ever said anything, Scott Coker never said anything to me ... We had a deal on the table and we were just trying to fix a few things and the next thing I know we got bought out.

"It is what it is."

Watch entire interview...

Unlike Brock Lesnar, whose path he doubtless hoped to follow, Batista was never a folkstyle wrestler, coming instead from a background in bodybuilding. Strikeforce officials declined to comment on the report.


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CarlWinslow site profile image  

4/27/11 10:59 PM by CarlWinslow

Then he can go fight in ksw or mfc if he wants to fight and prove himself he will, hey lashely did

krang site profile image  

4/27/11 10:50 PM by krang

Pro wrestling has proven to be a solid base for mma. I was looking forward to seeing him fight.

CarlWinslow site profile image  

4/27/11 10:30 PM by CarlWinslow


novaguy site profile image  

4/26/11 12:19 PM by novaguy

Personally, I dont see why it should be a problem giving him a shot on Strikeforce..Nobody said he has to fight a big name, or even be on the main card.. Give him an evaluation contract for one fight.. ONE fight. if he performs well, then go from there.. If he honestly thinks he can compete, and seriously wants to prove himself, this SHOULD be acceptable to him.. Just because he has a big name elsewhere doesnt entitle him to any huge paydays.. He should be treated no different than any other John Doe that tries to work himself up the ranks..What could it hurt?!?!?After all, they gave Kimbo Slice a shot, for fucks sake!!

supersaiyan site profile image  

4/26/11 11:52 AM by supersaiyan

u trolling right?WWE outSELLS UFC on a weekly basis and thats not even PPV events factored in ...its not even close

AnthonyMMA site profile image  

4/26/11 11:44 AM by AnthonyMMA

I agree. He is training with a prime fight team. The would have booted his ass if he wasnt serious about fighting.

MrHenson site profile image  

4/26/11 11:35 AM by MrHenson

 L O L wtf? what ufc champ works at wal mart? or are you talking about a guy that works in the toy section that recently stocked the shelves with the toy replicas?

Bill Pharoni site profile image  

4/26/11 11:30 AM by Bill Pharoni


TheSkywalker site profile image  

4/26/11 11:18 AM by TheSkywalker

<quote>JasonJ - With Lesnars popularity dying down, Dana White should have brought in another WWE star to help them draw. Shame. Would have loved to watch Batista/Walker, the dream fight of the decade.</quote>Broseph you got it backwards. UFC is bigger than the WWF nowadays. The WWF is dying fast and needs to find some washed up former MMA star to revitalize them. Sounds like a job for Tito and Ken, to me.

TheSkywalker site profile image  

4/26/11 11:14 AM by TheSkywalker

This is the kind of epic ownage that I wish these closet-homosexual wrestling fans would tell each other about so that they can understand that the WWF has as much to do with MMA as the lingere bowl has to do with the NFL.