TUF 13, Episode 5 recap

source: mmajunkie.com

Team Dos Santos' Mick Bowman (7-2) vs. Team Lesnar's Clay Harvison (8-3)

UFC president Dana White does the intros, referee Steve Mazzagatti calls for the start, and we're underway.

Clay strikes first with a quick right. He lands another while charging. Mick calms down and takes the center of the stage and lands some low kicks. Clay moves forward with a combo and lands the right again. He follows with a low kick and another combo. Mick looks frustrated and shoots. But Clay easily avoids it, stands over Mick while he's on his back, and drops punches and leg kicks before moving into full guard. Mick throws up a quick triangle choke and attempts an armbar, but Clay easily escapes, and we're back standing. Mick works some solid low kicks, but Clay again answers with solid rights. Mick shoots again but eats a knee. Clay again uses his lunging right to force Mick to cover up and then presses his opponent against the cage. Mick answers with a knee but eats a couple punches before circling away. Clay again throws a combo right down the middle and then pops Mick with a right. Clay presses him against the cage, but Mick reverses and lands a forearm to the face. Clay reverses, and they jockey for underhooks. Clay misses on an elbow strike and backs away to reset. Mick fires off nice low kicks. Mick lands a few nice punches. Clay counters with a right. Mick throws some low kicks and shoots before the round ends. Mick showed signs of life toward the end of the round, but Clay obviously won it, 10-9.

After some instructions from their corners, the fighters return to the center of the cage for round two.

Clay lands some nice lunging shots and a body kick. He then counters a kick with a punch, clinches and trades knees with Mick before pressing him into the cage. The pace slows as the fighters battle for position. Mick eventually reverses the position and then pops Clay with an elbow before resetting in the center of the cage. The fighters trade a couple wild punches and then swap leg kicks. Mick works a solid left jab and is slowly wearing down Clay, who's clearly tiring. Mick throws a leg kick that knocks his opponent off balance. Mick also is avoiding punches more easily now. Mick works kicks from various angles. Clay finds some success with jabs and just misses with a big overhand right. Mick dials up the intensity and peppers his opponent with jabs and low kicks. Clay answers with a right. Mick is now stalking and looking for an opening. Clay gets through a solid right, but Mick shoots, puts him against the cage, but can't get the takedown. Clay reverses, the fighters again jockey for position. Each mixes in some short punches before the round ends. It's a close round, but based on the slight aggression advantage and more effective striking, MMAjunkie.com scores it 10-9 for Mick.

No one is quite sure if there will be a tiebreaker round, but Keith Kizer of the Nevada State Athletic Commission finally announces the fight is over. The judges have a winner.

Clay gets the win in a clean sweep of the judges' scorecards.

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7titofan7 site profile image  

4/28/11 11:16 AM by 7titofan7

Sik to death of len, he's a whinging little bitch. Making issues out of nothing, and then claiming not to get involved in all that bullshit, and then crying about brock tryna get em amped. I hope he gets the wildcard and gets KTFO'd. Kinda feel sorry for chris cope aswell. Not the worst season :)

sparkyman site profile image  

4/28/11 9:42 AM by sparkyman

 It will do far more than 500k, that's just rediculous. Having said that, Brock (or JDS) has done nothing to get me interested this season. They both seem like good guys, but neither of them seem to be great coaches or team leaders. Not what I expected at all.

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

4/28/11 8:08 AM by duckhuntgangsta

I agree Calo. Brock's hype train has been derailed, and being uninteresting on TUF doesn't help. I'm sure as they are getting close to fight week they'll amp up marketing but I don't see this doing block buster numbers. I'll go out on a limb and guess, at this point, it would do 500k buys.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

4/28/11 6:04 AM by Winston Wolf

this season sucks

Jack_Bauer site profile image  

4/28/11 4:49 AM by Jack_Bauer

For a guy who "couldn't wait" to fight, Mick sure didn't do much in there.

mglaw site profile image  

4/28/11 1:24 AM by mglaw

"I will die in the ring before I lose"Then I go in and run away from punches."I will do some illeagl shit to him, I have been know to do it before"Then the shit talking guy walks in and nothing is said!

Markos site profile image  

4/28/11 1:20 AM by Markos

my wife said he sounded like a valley girl trying to be thug

Markos site profile image  

4/28/11 1:20 AM by Markos

damnit.... double

rockwell site profile image  

4/28/11 1:15 AM by rockwell

Wasn't all the crowing before this season of TUF that Brock as a coach was gonna get huge numbers watching?Seems even the TUF noob MMA fan generation can't be force fed this tosh.

superCalo site profile image  

4/28/11 12:26 AM by superCalo

This series may have severely decreased interest in Brock Lesnar as a pPv draw, likewise the matchup with jDs has a lot less excitment about it because of this series.That rather thant he decreased ratings must be the major concern.