Dana White plans 'talk' with Nick Diaz

by E. Spencer Kyte | source: heavy.com

Megan Olivi brought up the topic of Diaz’s foray into professional boxing with Dana White following Wednesday’s press conference for UFC 129, and the UFC President shared his thoughts on the subject.

“I’ll say the same thing I always say about Nick. He’s a tough one to deal with. He doesn’t play the game well. I think the kid has potential. Forget about fighting – he has the potential to be a star. But for some reason he’s an anti-star,” White said. “I know for a fact that boxing isn’t for him, because I’ve been in boxing for years. All of the boxers wish they were involved with us.”

“So now that we’re involved, literally after this fight is over, I’m going to fly over to see Nick Diaz. We’re going to sit down and talk.”

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MMA Playwrite site profile image  

3/20/13 8:28 PM by MMA Playwrite

Interesting thread.

32Hunter site profile image  

5/1/11 1:11 AM by 32Hunter

OKAY quit playing around DANA make the fight we all want to see.

Canada_88 site profile image  

4/30/11 4:58 PM by Canada_88

Diaz has shown he can beat BJJ guys and strikers, I think his next fight needs to be against a powerful wrestler, no offense to Woodley but hes not ready yet, Diaz and Gil dont have any legit competition left out of the UFC

Spencer Fisher site profile image  

4/30/11 4:47 PM by Spencer Fisher


norcalmma site profile image  

4/30/11 3:31 PM by norcalmma

if you watched the sherk and riggs fight and you still think Diaz lost those fights because of wrestling, then your blind and i'm done discussing this.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

4/29/11 8:27 PM by WRESTLENOW

lol, i have seen all of those fights and his recent fights and nicks wrestling is still GARBAGE,he had under-hooks on Daley, yet for some reason he decided to sprawl on him way off to the side, at 90 degrees while Daley still had a grip on his legs. Daley didn't even really do a Wrestling take-down he basically just tackled his legs and Nick had zero defense to stop it. If Daley had better Grappling & Grappling Defense he could have GnPed Diaz at will.

Zamiel site profile image  

4/29/11 3:19 PM by Zamiel

Do you wanna be a fuckin' star?!?!Chuck's been trying to break his record for shrugging in a 2 minute conversation for years.

norcalmma site profile image  

4/29/11 2:11 PM by norcalmma

im not trying to say nick won all those fights, i never said that nick would beat all the ufc welter weights and i'm defiantly not saying that nick is a better wrestler then some of the wrestlers in the ufc ww division. i just pointing out that nick doesn't get handled by wrestlers as bad as everyone of your posts suggests. <br /><br />if you would actually watch the fights that you keep commenting on, then you would realize that diaz lost the Riggs and sherk fights because of the striking. the diego fight was the only fight that he lost because of "wrestling". <br /><br />Rather then actually watching the fights, it seems like you just read on some other hammerheads thread that "diaz wrestling sucks" and now your convinced that diaz was out wrestled in all four of his ufc losses. but the truth is that diego was the only fight lost because of top position. <br /><br />not to long ago nick was out boxed by kj noons, but in their recent fight nick out boxed kj. crazy how years of training and improvement can change the outcome of fights.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

4/29/11 3:52 AM by WRESTLENOW

^ you can tell yourself whatever you want and convince yourself that your 209 badass hero Nick Diaz actually won all of his fights, if it weren't for the judges, blahblahblah... but the L on your record doesn't tell lies.Nick has shown he has weak wrestling offensively and defensively he can't defend the take-down, and once taken down he can't submit the good top game 170lb grappler from his guard, and there are half a dozen of those style guys waiting for him in the UFC 170lb division.

norcalmma site profile image  

4/29/11 1:18 AM by norcalmma

-sherk took him down once (from a knee nick threw) in their fight, and was swept right away. -diego was swept and escaped from multiple times-karo was swept and escaped from multiple times-in none of his ufc fights has he been punched and elbowed into oblivion. video of his past fights have proven you wrong.