TUF coach Lew Polley: Junior is full of s---

source: middleeasy.com

Apparently Junior Dos Santos said something on tonight's episode of TUF 13 to Lew Polley that resulted in this upset video.


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CindyO site profile image  

5/6/11 1:32 AM by CindyO

 Do you even watch the show??? Cindy

NHB USA site profile image  

5/5/11 11:52 PM by NHB USA

 I agree

molsonmuscle360 site profile image  

5/5/11 4:10 PM by molsonmuscle360

I'll be the first to admit that Lew is in the wrong in this, and my last job went down the shitter for more or less the same reasons his didnt. He didn't agree with his boss, neither did I with mine. He basically contradicted what his boss said/did, as did I. It was more or less well known that it was time to hit the ol' dusty trail. Even if you are right, your boss still has the last call.

fedro site profile image  

5/5/11 4:07 PM by fedro

Maybe JDS is not the "bad guy" but he sure does come off a little jealous .... Those guys are all there to coach. JDS doesn't speak any English so the other guys have to talk more ... He didnt have to fire him

twonka site profile image  

5/5/11 2:25 PM by twonka

But reality TV would never edit things to look a certain way!

Fake Pie site profile image  

5/5/11 2:08 PM by Fake Pie

You guys do realize that conversation could have been edited right?"As this episode opens, it shows me contradicting Junior. But that did not happen the way it was shown. I was merely answering a question that was asked of me from a couple of the guys. I did not just sit there and correct Junior."So maybe Junior said his thing, then someone asked Lew, "but I think it is better to be boring and just win if necessary, what do you think Lew, what is more important?"He has to give his honest opinion. It is ultimately each fighter's call if they want to be exciting and risky or boring and conservative. A coach should be able to give his opinion if directly asked.

Rastus site profile image  

5/5/11 1:18 PM by Rastus

Exactly. When you're running a team or any organization, you stay on the same page. Privately, a good leader will ask for candid opinions, but publicly you fall in line. That's how it's done.I would never hire Lew for anything.

paw site profile image  

5/5/11 1:03 PM by paw

 for laters

whoabro site profile image  

5/5/11 12:56 PM by whoabro

LOL @ saying anything other than "My bad, I'm sorry for talking out of line-- didn't mean to undermine you, it won't happen again."LOL @ how people like Lew would be regarded in the business world