Translation of Aldo's corner reveals Aldo was ill


Jose Aldo dominated the first round of his UFC 129 bout against Mark Hominick. However, shortly into the second round started, the champion visibly gassed. Joe Rogan speculated that it could be a result of a bad weight cut, bringing up that Aldo was light headed and had to excuse himself during the Q&A portion that featured the Super Seven UFC champs. It seems that wasn't the case though.

Right before Rogan interviewed Aldo, Aldo complained to his corner that he should have taken antibiotics. He spoke in his native Portuguese, and the remarks escaped immediate notice. Here's a translation of the cornerman's reply to Jose Aldo:

"Antibiotics would not have helped at all, you’re the champion kid, f--- antibiotics, everything is okay. You fought well, smooth and composed. "

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puss'nmitts site profile image  

5/3/11 12:21 AM by puss'nmitts

Antibiotics don't work against viruses. They are used for bacterial infections.

chuckles1 site profile image  

5/2/11 9:07 PM by chuckles1

Aldo and Hominick are both absolutely incredible fighters and I give them both all the respect in the world. They set the standard for leaving it all in the cage.

MMApostle site profile image  

5/2/11 8:54 PM by MMApostle

Aldo didn't say shit, read the article. People overheard his corner talking about it with him in Portuguese, he nor his team made any excuses to the public.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

5/2/11 7:42 PM by WRESTLENOW

Aldos Wrestling improvement was impressive, his Blast double leg shot made me smile.Wrestling saved his ass.

ec site profile image  

5/2/11 3:20 PM by ec

He didn't mention it publically. He said it to a teammate not through a translator. What he says to his team is his business, not an excuse made to the public. Not his fault we are obsessive people who pick up on everything the mocrophone does.

gooddoc site profile image  

5/2/11 3:12 PM by gooddoc

But he did mention it, and here it is as an excuse for his performance.

BigWilliam site profile image  

5/2/11 3:01 PM by BigWilliam

Aldo did what a champion is supposed to do, he went out there and won. Had a bad night against a good opponent and he still did what he needed to do.

DAVID H site profile image  

5/2/11 2:26 PM by DAVID H

Try fighting with an illness, then come back and post here. I had a fight one time with a 103 degree fever. Felt like shit (took some day quil), but came out fast pased, like I always did. Fortunately, I sub'ed the guy in the first round, but I was spent after that. Even as I was attempting the sub, I knew my gas tank was spent and knew that if the fight went into the second round, I was done. My other fights, I went nonstop and never gassed.

Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

5/2/11 2:24 PM by Gokudamus stole my name

The stupidity (or straight up haterade) of some posters is hilariousHe went 5 rounds EASY with Faber without even breathing heavy. He also had his way with Faber on the ground. Faber is a fucking beast on the groundHe almost passes out friday and there were reports that he had a bad weightcut BEFORE the fight. But somehow its much more likely that he was always overrated since he looked bad in this fightlol