Nick Diaz, Gracie camp want GSP fight



"Let me get in there with that guy (GSP). They had him in there with my partner and look what happened to him, you know what I mean? What do you think is going to happen to him if they put him in there with me? I don't know, I'd like to start getting paid up here, I'd like to get that fight or I'd like to make something happen here, something different, something big. I'm tired of this same thing over and over again, it's getting old. This is getting old for me and that's just how I feel.

 I think I'll put my punches in, I think he's going to try to force takedowns and go for takedowns. But I saw him out there and he doesn't look... he's not much for size, you know, and I don't think he's... I don't know if that'll be the smartest plan for him either. I feel like it will be real hard for him. I feel like I'm ready for that fight ... I just feel I'm even more ready for it now. I want to get this show on the road, like I said, I'm not getting any younger, I don't like old Georges, he's not getting any younger and I need some change in lifestyle, you know?

"Yeah, there's a lot on the table (as far as boxing). I haven't quite figured out which road I'm going down. It really doesn't matter to me either way. I just want more competition. If you're going to force me to fight these guys that don't have it in them to beat me, that are going to come out and go for a lucky shot to take my head off, a lot of times I eat those punches. I don't need that. I don't need a guy who's going to do that. I'm looking to fight a guy like Georges, who's going in there trying to win the fight not by just getting lucky, you know what I mean? I'm trying to go on to bigger and better things, I don't want to just keep fighting these chumps. If they want to keep having me fight these chumps I'm not afraid to do that but I'm not going to go ahead and step in there fighting these guys unless they're willing to pay me a lot more money.

"You know what, it doesn't matter to me, I just need a change. I don't care what these contracts say, I don't give a s---. I just, I'm looking to move on to bigger and better things or get up out of this s---t."

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Diaz's trainer and manager Cesar Gracie wants to see a GSP fight too, and he wants Diaz to get paid.

“I don’t know how bad is GSP’s eye, is he going to take six months off? And then why couldn’t Nick box and then go fight GSP, for example, that kind of scenario. Now, if the eye if not a really big problem and they want the next fight for GSP five months from now to be Nick Diaz, I mean obviously Nick would be … he would be delaying quite a contract, a money-making contract in boxing so how would that, is he going to give up that all that money… I mean there’s so many questions right now and really the only (ones) that have the answers to it are Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta, so I’m very much looking forward to meeting with those guys. Lorenzo’s a guy that I truly like the guy and Dana is a good guy, too ... a good businessman and we’re going to tell him our concerns and hopefully they have some answers for us and we’re waiting just like you guys.”

“Styles makes fights and I think, for example, Jake kind of, you know, he did really well standing. It’s no secret that Nick is, I think, probably has the best hands in MMA right now. He knocks out all the guys that are supposed to knock him out. There’s no question in my mind that GSP would not stand with Paul Daley, for example, but Nick did and knocked him out. Aside from all these guys that GSP would feel extremely threatened by, Nick would stand up with beat them up so I do not believe that GSP has better stand-up than Nick Diaz. I think Nick is the superior striker and if that was a stand-up I think Nick would come out on top. But it’s an interesting match-up because Nick’s jiu-jitsu is world-class, also. he has a great guard, he submits people, he doesn’t get hurt. That might be a nightmare for GSP and the only way to know that is if these two guys fight, so we’ll see what happens.”

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GageIsLegend site profile image  

5/5/11 3:11 AM by GageIsLegend

You dumbass. Penalize people for taking the fight to the ground? Go back to fucking boxing. These day and age people should be good in all disciplines and not one dimensional.

molsonmuscle360 site profile image  

5/5/11 3:07 AM by molsonmuscle360

I want to see this fight. But seriously can he have a microphone in front of his face just once without saying he wants more money. Makes me want to see someone punch his face off.

PastorJosh site profile image  

5/5/11 3:02 AM by PastorJosh

Yeah that's what we need to do....penalize the top game and stack the deck in Diaz's favor because he doesn't know how to get up from the bottom (or isn't strong enough....or is too high).

PhinPhan site profile image  

5/5/11 1:24 AM by PhinPhan

 This is one of the only things I dislike about MMA. Diaz has the skill set to beat anyone at WW, yet fighters are allowed to lay on him for 3 rounds and win. I think yellow cards would help Diaz's cause, but it still would probably pose a problem.  Look at his losses in the UFC(Sherk, Riggs, Sanchez)- all guys that didn't do much damage, and if the fight kept going-Diaz would have won. I also think he would win in a rematch with all three.

Jaybrone site profile image  

5/5/11 1:15 AM by Jaybrone

Being as NO BODY GSP has tried to take down has stopped him. I will bet that Nick even if he has improved his wrestling isn't going to stop GSP's shot.

GingerWhinger site profile image  

5/4/11 8:12 AM by GingerWhinger

Even if Nick isn't the biggest threat to GSP at 170, he'll be presented as such. The UFC was able to convince people that Hardy or Kos 2 had a chance of winning. Diaz has impressive wins, great MMA boxing and a very good sub game, but most of all he has an abrasive personality. They can sell good guy vs heel here. No other 170 fight generates this kind of fan interest or money for the UFC

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

5/4/11 7:14 AM by The Notorious OMG

"clevelandskid from the internet" says so. lol. fucking would actually be preferable if obnoxious loudmouth internet nerds like yourself went away and the exciting fighters in the sport stayed. you're a nobody. nobody gives a shit about you. so how bout they stay and the clevelandsteamerkid leaves. k thanks.

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

5/4/11 7:07 AM by The Notorious OMG

why does everyone think Nick's TD defense is still the same level it was in fucking 2005-2006?so because Hughes armbar'd GSP in their first fight GSP has weak sub defense and all opponents afterward should have been able to armbar him? because Serra TKO'd him he has a glass jaw and everyone should be able to knock him out? not saying GSP couldn't get him down but Diaz is not the same fighter as he was against Diego, Karo and Riggs. it's years later.when he finally started focusing on it going into the Sherk fight it was 10 times better and Sherk couldn't get him down to save his life.

Cuzzi site profile image  

5/4/11 6:51 AM by Cuzzi

I like diaz but im sure gsp will just play it safe and put on another boring gsp fight

PastorJosh site profile image  

5/4/11 6:05 AM by PastorJosh

This fight is going to end one way: GSP mauling Diaz on the ground, haters getting on the UG saying that GSP was boring because he used the right strategy. Rinse. Repeat. It's getting old. Seems like GSP needs to knock Anderson Silva, Fedor and Rampage out cold in the same night in order to get any, ANY credit or respect on these forums. Ridiculous. Yet Diaz gets it because he's too high to remember a gameplan.