Seagal teaching other fighters secret techniques


Speaking with UOL Esportes, Aikido master and action movie star Steven Seagal  promised that Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida will surprise opponents with other techniques in the near future.

“I’m training other types of kicks, knees, elbows and strikes with them and I am also training their footwork. You have to wait for the new things which we’re working out,” he says.

“I am very happy with Machida. He executed the hit very well. It was a little different from Anderson’s but it was very good,” stated Seagal with pride.

“I’m teaching other fighters (from Black House) but it is something secret,” Seagal concluded.

“That was a strike that I had gone to sleep on,” said Machida in describing his non use for a long time of a technique he already knew . “I trained it a lot but I was sure there would be a perfect time to use it. I felt Couture was with his head down and decided to try.”

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5/4/11 3:14 PM by mschatz

 ^^^ Al Bundy is a bad man LOL!!!

sgotwalks site profile image  

5/4/11 5:22 AM by sgotwalks

His ex wife taught him the weird science of creating perfection.

masterofmartialarts site profile image  

5/4/11 2:59 AM by masterofmartialarts

 I already called it in another thread.

Jack Carter site profile image  

5/4/11 2:35 AM by Jack Carter

Fucking awesome. Seagal rules. Fuck the dullards who are bashing him. Get a life, you bores

Non N00B site profile image  

5/4/11 12:54 AM by Non N00B

A front kick to the face is a secret technique? Damn, guess that shit I learned in TMA 15 years ago was so dangerous, I could take the UFC by storm today!

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5/4/11 12:05 AM by sakbjj

try Preperation H dudesorry it's so sore

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5/3/11 11:54 PM by 12clip

Press conference video in player on right side of this page.

12clip site profile image  

5/3/11 11:50 PM by 12clip

I found it rather interesting that at about the middle of the post fight press conference, a reporter asks Lyoto in Portugese something about Seagal teaching him, and the camera catches Aldo covering his face while laughing to himself. Seems like a giant troll by blackhouse to me.