Bob Sapp loses to 170 pound kickboxer


Conan the Barbarian (2011) starring Jason Momoa as a young Arnold Schwarzenegger just finished major filming, so Bob Sapp, who plays the key role of Ukafa, had the weekend off. So he took an MMA and a kickboxing match on succesive days, and lost them both. Below he loses to 5' 11" 170 pound Tivadar Kunkli of Hungary.

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supersaiyan site profile image  

5/7/11 4:48 PM by supersaiyan

i was merely speaking out of all the fights he had with Hoost as an exception-- but most of the fights he got beat silly so it really doesnt garner him anything accomplished in his "mma" career.i mean really what is there to argue here ?

KKM site profile image  

5/6/11 1:02 PM by KKM

I like the way the 5'11 170lb dude pushes a 300 lb dude back into the ropes and then drops him with a short hook.

GriffinQ site profile image  

5/6/11 12:59 PM by GriffinQ

How in the fuck is an 02er saying Hoost wasn't worth a damn....?  

whoabro site profile image  

5/6/11 12:54 PM by whoabro

you can never tell if a Sapp fight is a work, or just another spectacular example of exactly how little heart he has

nhbguy site profile image  

5/6/11 9:28 AM by nhbguy

You know it's funny, but every once in awhile I'll hear about a Bob Sapp fight that's coming up and just for a moment I'll think, "Hey that'll be interesting," and then I remember that Bob hasn't been trying for years. As you said, Bob used to be one hell of a storm to weather, and he was also one of the most entertaining fighters around. Hard to find a boring Bob Sapp fight back when he used to try.

supersaiyan site profile image  

5/6/11 9:26 AM by supersaiyan


SteamRolledbyMcOracle site profile image  

5/6/11 8:16 AM by SteamRolledbyMcOracle


TheDigitalRuler site profile image  

5/6/11 5:07 AM by TheDigitalRuler

Why does Sapp even bother at this point?And perhaps a more relevant question: what the fuck is wrong with the people in charge of these promotions that they're booking Bob Sapp to fight in their shows? I mean, it's clear that he's not even going to try to put on a competitive fight at this point, and it's a liability to any legitimate athlete you put in there with him to have a guy of that size who is literally impossible for a referee to control and appears to have little regard for the rules or for whether anybody is going to get seriously injured by one of his tantrums.Sapp obviously views himself as more of a performer than a fighter; and that's fine, but that means he needs to stop passing off his sideshow as anything like legitimate MMA, and since he's not willing to do that, it's up to the promoters to stop booking the guy. There was a time when Bob Sapp had the potential to develop into a serious force in MMA, but that time is long gone. He needs to stick to doing endorsements and pro wrestling, because he’s got absolutely no business in actual combat sports.

Rafael135 site profile image  

5/6/11 1:54 AM by Rafael135

What the fuck was that? Kickboxing or professional wrestling? That kind of shit should stay in WWE or TNA or whatever professional wrestling organization he belonged to.

supersaiyan site profile image  

5/6/11 1:19 AM by supersaiyan

true... none of his fights were worked...he sucked...period.his "training" wasnt ever worth an ants butt as u NEVER EVER saw the training translate into any of his fights..just a lot of overpowering with bombs and gassing like a joke