TUF 13, Episode 6 recap

by Dann Stupp | source: mmajunkie.com

Team Lesnar's Tony Ferguson (10-2) vs. Team Dos Santos' Justin Edwards (6-0)

UFC president Dana White does the intros, referee Josh Rosenthal gets us started, and we're underway.

Justin comes out swinging with wild punches and kicks. Tony tries to match him, but Justin gets the early edge. Tony clinches, and though most miss, Justin continues winging power shots. Justin delivers a knee from the clinch and puts his opponent against the cage, but Tony stays calm and breaks off. Justin initiates the action again, but Tony's finding success with his jab. Tony now has trouble getting in range as he eats the jab. Tony lands a couple nice hooks, and Justin takes him to the mat. Tony is pack up, and they trade more shots. Justin is slowing a bit, and Tony gets through a big left. Justin answers with dirty boxing but eats a heavy body shot. Neither fighter is gaining the edge, and both are connecting. Justin fires off a nice three-punch combo and scores the takedown. Justin works from full guard but takes elbows from an active Tony. He then postures up to deliver a punch, but Tony knocks him silly with an upkick, and the bout is quickly waved off.

It's a stunning knockout and win for Team Lesnar.

In a post-fight confessional, Tony admits he simply had to stay calm during the initial flurry. It worked, and when Justin got careless in his top position, he took a heel to the face.

"Justin was winning the fight, but this is MMA, and that happens," a disappointed Junior says.

Dana congratulates both guys for putting on an entertaining bout.

Justin is disappointed but holds onto hope he may get one of the wild-card slots. Junior offers words of encouragement.

After a commercial break, the focus then turns to the next bout and pre-fight preparations. Chuck, the team jokester, has the respect of Brock, who thinks his unorthodox style could work to his advantage.

Team Dos Santos, meanwhile, rallies around Zach, the team's resident nice guy. But once in the cage, he dials up the intensity and says fighting brings out his competitive spirit. Junior knows he's simply a guy who likes being a fighter and testing himself.

Soon, the teams return to the UFC Training Center, where final fight preparations are underway. Soon, it's fight time, and we have:

Team Lesnar's Chuck O'Neil (8-3) vs. Team Dos Santos' Zach Davis (4-1)

Dana again does intros, and the ref is the same. Zach immediately shoots and gets the takedown, and he lands in side control. He isolates the arm, but it allows Chuck to get back to his feet. Zach swarms and puts him against the cage while delivering knees to the body and legs. Chuck reverses the position, but Zach again takes the power position from the clinch and delivers knees before getting the drag-takedown. Zach works from full guard. Chuck looks for elbows from below and nearly secures a triangle choke. Zach stands over him and then delivers leg kicks before tagging Chuck with a punch as he gets back to his feet. Chuck grabs an arm but hits the mat and gives it up. But he moves into top position and unloads a quick barrage of punches. Zach looks to isolate an arm and eats more punches. Zach, though, then wraps his legs for a triangle choke and gets the quick tap-out.

It's a quick end to another competitive and entertaining bout.

Dana's again blown away. Team Dos Santos celebrates the victory. Zach, who's said he's tried to get on the show before, is pleased with his win and thinks he put the other team on notice.

Chuck, though, is steamed and stomps to the dressing room. Brock knows Chuck is extra mad because he got caught with a submission he often uses himself.

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BrainSpew site profile image  

5/5/11 8:30 PM by BrainSpew

THIS!What a douche... he half ass tells Dana he wants the wildcard spot... basically says "I will fight, but when I lose, its totally because of my knee, so don't judge me on the horrible fight you'll get if you pick me." Then, he has the nerve to get all hard with Brock afterwards...

Fury21 site profile image  

5/5/11 4:55 PM by Fury21

 Great fights!!!

paneo astima site profile image  

5/5/11 8:35 AM by paneo astima


FreakDaddy site profile image  

5/5/11 7:50 AM by FreakDaddy

Great episode! All four of those guys wanted it.I really hope Brock puts Lenny in his place next week. He totally came off like he did not want to fight to me at all, but then whines when he does not get the fight.

JTfromCharlotte site profile image  

5/5/11 7:20 AM by JTfromCharlotte

 No animosity between coaches = a lot less interesting

Arecsa site profile image  

5/5/11 4:18 AM by Arecsa

Best episode this season, although that isn't saying much because it has been a horrible season. Great fights for TUF level this time and the "take him down" coaches exchange and "escape goat" were funny.

TheNoCountBitchbing site profile image  

5/5/11 3:43 AM by TheNoCountBitchbing

i really laughed at loud when he jr came back with that line NO, you take HIM down! brock.. Escape goat lololover all, not matter if it was sloppy or the cleanest fight in the world. all fighters went out there and faught their asses off. win lose or draw, they didnt give a shit and were doing exactly like they said they would, unlike almost everyone in the show. awesome episode for this season!jr and lew: jr had to fire that guy, jr was telling his guys at the beginning, basically it dont matter if you lose. take the chance to make it a good fight and youll keep in the ufc. even if you lose every fight, if you go balls out, ufc will keep you.lew... he was saying the exact opposite, saying it dont matter if you just lay on the guy for 25min and just continue to take him down and not do shit, its ok as long as you win a boaring fight you stay in ufc. but if you put on a clinic for 24 minutes and get tapped out with 1 minute, you wasted your time cos you lost.i think jr is right, dana isnt looking for winners ALL the time, dana is looking for people who use their skills put on a great fight, but know they can lose if they bang it out. but they still brawl because they are hungry for the win, who cares if they lose, fans will still want to see them cos they know they fight great.if you think im wrong, then just look at his actions with leban, he hardly won shit, lost in tuf 1, but hes still a huge name even though he might go on a losing streak.another thing is the wild card draw, that proves that dana isnt all about winning, he knows a good fighter can lose, but still be in ufc. i bet they bring justin back, i knew he was the wildcard right after the fight.one question, why wasnt he allowed by the commission? the knock out?

HULKSMASH site profile image  

5/5/11 1:44 AM by HULKSMASH

Magicmaninthesky 2 hours ago Lenny didn't get it for two reasons. First, he's pretty much a whiney douche. Second, and more importantly, his knee is too questionable. Kostakio 2 hours ago ^ This x 1,000 WORD!!!!

osiriss site profile image  

5/5/11 1:16 AM by osiriss

Lennys injury makes not choosing him easy, his constant bitching and inability to let anything go, just validates that decision.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

5/4/11 11:53 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 too true, bruce