Tank Abbott: I could knock out Brock Lesnar in :10 seconds

source: FightGameTV

"... please. I can knock Brock Lesnar out in 10 seconds. You know, I was in the professional wrestling business for a while and I love the sport and I love the boys. But when you're a little bitch, all steroided out ... and I'm not talking about him, I'm just talking about someone that would look like him, and you get punched in the face and you run the other way like a girl; that's not what you're in there for. You're supposed to sit there and exchange, not run. And you're asking me, could I knock him out? Not only could I knock him out, I would like to jump up and down on his head afterwards."

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Recent Comments »

free style 100 site profile image  

5/10/11 1:10 PM by free style 100

 Tank is a big joke, his a bad example of a mma fighter

joe canada site profile image  

5/8/11 9:27 PM by joe canada

Tank is about a pina colada away from being the new Iron Sheik.

Timski8 site profile image  

5/8/11 6:58 PM by Timski8

Don't mind him, he's just drunk!

xeducatex site profile image  

5/8/11 6:27 PM by xeducatex

I love tank and forsure if he took shut seriously he coulda been Roy Nelson before Roy Nelson was Roy Nelson. Not that I think Nelson is amazing but he just seems like tank 2.0. Also that limbo fight was a work IMO. Either becuz they paid him to dive or because he wanted out be no way he was kod by kimbo

crossfitislol site profile image  

5/8/11 6:09 PM by crossfitislol

LOFLSurprised no one else caught this gem.

free style 100 site profile image  

5/8/11 6:00 PM by free style 100

 tank would be out cold in about 2 minutes

per site profile image  

5/8/11 5:26 PM by per

Threads like these are painful to read because it is difficult to silt out the delusional but honest people from the ironic majority. Not bothering with the topic of the thread: Tank has fought occasionally in recent years but probably stopped training altogether many years ago. Today he would probably be destroyed even by a geriatric, semi-disabled Ken Shamrock. He has claimed in interviews that he is able to live well off all the money he made pro-wrestling, this is unlikely since he wasn't really a star of Brock's caliber (pun not intended). I have no idea what he does for a living now, but it seems he does not mind taking a fight, he did beat Mike Bourke not long ago although he looked very awkward in there and Bourke seemed to take a o Cantrell-style dive after a grazing punch.In this interview he comes across as a long-time 60-year old alcoholic but I must give it to him: he is still able to dish out insults with hilarity and eloquence that would make Mayhem Miller jealous. He would make for a good judge on American Idol.....

texuspete00 site profile image  

5/8/11 1:46 PM by texuspete00

Not only did he lose to kimbo, he was very clearly "scared." Instead of doing a dance, he found the nearest place to faceplant and take a rest. The fight was a disgrace, and a disservice to real fighters, of which Tank was not one on that night.

NightHawkBonedMyPride site profile image  

5/8/11 9:28 AM by NightHawkBonedMyPride

Lol @ tank, guess he started drinking early for that interview

SamboMMA site profile image  

5/8/11 6:29 AM by SamboMMA

Tank didn't take the sport seriously in 20-30s. Now that he's in his mid-40s should we really believe he's going to take the sport seriously.