Nick Diaz to make at least $175,000 boxing Lacy, if it happens

by Brent Brookhouse | source:

Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz and former world super middleweight boxing champion Jeff Lacy have agreed to a ten round boxing match.

Jeff Lacy's manager, Joey Gilbert managed said. "Nick Diaz will be making at least the $175,000 he made in his last MMA bout, possibly slightly more." Another interesting development in terms of the payouts followed when Gilbert said "Jeff Lacy is actually making slightly less than Diaz." He then went on to explain that Lacy was willing to take less than a 50/50 split, because he wanted to make sure they got the deal done.

"Right now we're ready to go with an independent pay-per-view, but Showtime would be crazy not to pick this up. Jeff Lacy made his name on Showtime and Nick Diaz is a champion in mixed martial arts and a Showtime fighter."

In folow up remarks, Lacy's manager, Joey Gilbert, provided some further detail and clarification.

"I don't know the exact amount that Nick Diaz is getting for this fight. What I do know is that Jeff took a small percentage less than Nick because he wanted the fight so badly." When I asked him if he could disclose Lacy's purse, Gilbert answered "Jeff will be making $150,000. Knowing that Jeff was only taking slightly less of the purse than Nick and knowing that Diaz was unlikely to take less than he did in his last MMA bout, I think it is easy to put the pieces together on roughly what his purse will be.

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The boxing promoter putting the fight together is confident it will happen, despite the fact that Diaz's trainer/manager Cesar Gracie has said the boxing match could be off if the UFC offered a Strikeorce Welterweight Champion vs UFC  Welterweight Champion bout - Nick Diaz vs. GSP. "Barring something like Dana White telling us, 'Hey, we really need you to fight GSP at such-and-such a date and it conflicts with [boxing] – barring that, we're going to fight Lacy," said Gracie.

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SamboMMA site profile image  

5/9/11 7:03 AM by SamboMMA

The only person saying making $175K is bad is Nick himself. He runs his mouth for months saying he wasn't being paid well and says he wants to go to Boxing and earn millions. Only to turn around and sign for a Boxing fight at 175K the EXACT same thing he's making in MMA. If he gets killed in the Lacy fight his stock will drop and he won't earn as much in MMA next time around. Nick smoked himself retarded here and Lacy will finish the job.

UltraMagnus site profile image  

5/9/11 2:00 AM by UltraMagnus

*Facepalm* at this shit....Wheres all that money going to Ms. Dana?

Gregg Roach site profile image  

5/9/11 1:50 AM by Gregg Roach

bumped for sheer amount of 'tard in a single thread. Not all of you, just a few delusional idiots with no idea how the fight game generally plays out . . .

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

5/8/11 9:10 PM by da Vinci 81

And btw, Condit is far more deserving than Nick for a title shot if he gets passed kim.

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

5/8/11 9:09 PM by da Vinci 81

Yes it will. The UFC's not going to want to promote a guy who just got his ass kicked by a washed up boxer as a legit threat to their champ. All the boxing purists would laugh at how a guy who can't hang in their sport is now getting a title shot in MMA. The UFC still competes with boxing for PPV dollars and popularity whether you want to admit it or not.

xeducatex site profile image  

5/8/11 6:54 PM by xeducatex

Fuckin dumb. I don't even hate Diaz anymore I just want him to go away. He bad for the sport and he's a whiny little bitch. He is that one dummy that got held back in middle school. U know, that ONE guy thats was held back so he is literally the oldest kid in school. he is the equivalent of a 15yr old 8th grader..........ya he is a big tuff guy, acting superior to all the 11-13yr cuz he is older, but hes clearly a fucking retarded clown since he was held back 2 years and he wears velcroshoes. And when the retard finally makes it to highschool and there are guys bigger and older than him he realizes it was alot cooler in middleschool where he was king. So he gives up on highschool and gets a job at the local family fun center so he can hang with the younger kids and feel superior. Diaz outside the ufc=big fish in a little pond........Diaz in the ufc=a fish in a big pond. Not little but just a fish. I'll give him his props he is talented but come on. We know this story

ILOVEFIGHTING site profile image  

5/8/11 6:29 PM by ILOVEFIGHTING

Fuck your cool

SpiderManBJJ site profile image  

5/8/11 6:22 PM by SpiderManBJJ

You guys are haters. 175K is an excellent payday and losing in boxing won't jeapordize Nick from fighting GSP in MMA.Who else is GSP gonna fight? Another rematch with a fighter he beat?UFC 125 PayoutsFrankie Edgar -- $102,000 ($51,000 to show, $51,000 to win)Gray Maynard -- $52,000 ($26,000 to show, $26,000 to win)Edgar and Maynard fought to a five-round drawBrian Stann -- $42,000 ($21,000 to show, $21,000 to win)Chris Leben -- $46,000Stann def. Leben via technical knockoutThiago Silva -- $110,000 ($55,000 to show, $55,000 to win)Brandon Vera -- $60,000Silva def. Vera via unanimous decisionDong Hyun Kim -- $70,000 ($35,000 to show, $35,000 to win)Nate Diaz -- $33,000Kim def. Diaz via unanimous decisionClay Guida -- $62,000 ($31,000 to show, $31,000 to win)Takanori Gomi -- $50,000Guida def. Gomi via submission (guillotine choke)Dustin Poirier -- $8,000 ($4,000 to show, $4,000 to win)Josh Grispi -- $15,000Poirier def. Grispi via unanimous decisionBrad Tavares -- $16,000 ($8,000 to show, $8,000 to win)Phil Baroni -- $25,000Tavares def. Baroni via knockoutJacob Volkmann -- $24,000 ($12,000 to show, $12,000 to win)Antonio McKee -- $15,000Volkmann def. McKee via split decisionJeremy Stephens -- $36,000 ($18,000 to show, $18,000 to win)Marcus Davis -- $31,000Stephens def. Davis via knockoutDiego Nunes -- $20,000 ($10,000 to show, $10,000 to win)Mike Brown -- $23,000Nunes def. Brown via split decisionDaniel Roberts -- $24,000 ($12,000 to show, $12,000 to win)Greg Soto -- $8,000Roberts def. Soto via submission (Kimura)

Jacks Wasted Life site profile image  

5/8/11 12:52 PM by Jacks Wasted Life

 Diaz gets crushed by an over the hill Lacy in boxing.  Like others have said, hopefully this is just a ploy to get a fatter UFC contract.  Good striking in MMA and hanging with (former) top level boxers in boxing are two entirely different things.

bsrizpac site profile image  

5/8/11 10:31 AM by bsrizpac