Boxing promoter confident UFC won't scratch his Diaz plans

by Steven Marrocco | source:

Today's announcement that Diaz and Lacy will box this fall was met by a caveat from Diaz manager Cesar Gracie, who said the fight could be shelved if the UFC offered the Strikeforce welterweight champ a fight with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

"I don't want to get into a thing," Chagrin today told "I've got a contract. If the UFC fight comes up, then we can talk.

"But they were the ones that wanted me to go ahead, and I've gone and acted in good faith. I'm thinking that they will."

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Halifax site profile image  

5/7/11 4:34 PM by Halifax

Unless Diaz has very specific language in his contract with Strikeforce that allows for this fight to happen, I can't see how it does. The good faith comment leads me to believe its not in the contract. Stay tuned, sooner or later someone's going to ask Dana directly about this and we'll likely hear Nick's boxing aspirations are something that will have to wait.

ruger007 site profile image  

5/7/11 12:53 PM by ruger007

FUCK GSP...get paid bro!!!

lormpino site profile image  

5/7/11 12:49 PM by lormpino

I don't think Dana made it to Stockton yet

jimbobyeaboy site profile image  

5/7/11 12:20 PM by jimbobyeaboy

This fight isn't going to happen. Dana has clearly shown that he wants Diaz to fight GSP and he isn't going to risk killing the aura of that fight by letting Nick get smashed by Lacey.

sadisticsoldier site profile image  

5/7/11 11:27 AM by sadisticsoldier

I had a feeling Dana might have helped get that contract signed. The timing of it getting signed seemed way too convenient. That quote doesn't quite say as much, but I'm pretty sure that is what he means by, "But they were the ones that wanted me to go ahead, and I've gone and acted in good faith. I'm thinking that they will." Maybe this is a way for Dana to put pressure on GSP into signing on to fight Anderson Silva.Edit: Read the article. I guess Cesar was telling them the fight with GSP wasn't likely. Which is odd, cause lately it seems they are all gung ho about getting this fight done. I guess he is using it as a bargaining tool/back up plan.

slamming site profile image  

5/7/11 9:56 AM by slamming

Well clearly Dana didn't put the offer to him when he went down to Stockton. Fuck, what did they talk about then if not that?! I'm assuming Dana said they will let Diaz fulfill his contract but after that, he will sign with the UFC on a contract that prohibits boxing.