Coach: Big Nog recovering and sick but hopes for UFC Rio vs Cro Cop


Luis Carlos Dorea, boxing coach for the twins brothers Rogerio and Rodrigo Nogueira,  speaks exclusively with TATAME, about Big Nog's next fight.

Guilherme Cruz: Everybody’s looking forward to see (Big Nog) fighting in UFC Rio. Is he getting ready to go and fight on this event?

Luis Carlos Dorea:  As for (Big Nog), he’s doing super fine. Rodrigo is going through much physiotherapy, he’s seeing how things are, but we first have to check his conditions, his health. If he’s good to go, I don’t see any problems. The thing isn’t about the fight, but the trainings. The trainings are hard, and Rodrigo trains like twice, three times a day, so he has to be good, 100% healed so that he can train hard and don’t feel a thing. Rodrigo’s doing just fine, we’ll all support him.

GC: Which opponent would you pick up for him to fight in Rio?

LCD: I’d like to see him fighting Cro Cop. If it doesn’t happen in August, it can be in September, October… But it’s a fight I’d like to see. I’ve seen Cro Cop saying things about it, saying he’d like to fight Rodrigo. They’re two legends, two big names… It really would be an interesting fight to watch in MMA. As for the when, to me, it’ll only happen in August if he’s 100% healed. Rodrigo has a big heart, he really loves doing it and he’s fought while not 100% for his fans, because of his commitment, because he respects UFC, so he has fought while injured.

It happened a lot of times, but we, that see him everyday, know that Rodrigo sick now, he’s injured, he’s having fevers… But, as he always overcomes his own obstacles… Rodrigo is an example to be followed inside and outside the octagon for the things he does. Minotauro shows a lot confidence for us, but now, for him to get into a fight, he has to be 100% healed. He’ll only fight in August if he’s 100%”. He has a full team of physiotherapists helping him, and he’s doing great on his healing process… But it’s a fight we’d like to see: Cro Cop vs. Rodrigo.

GC: Seeing his evolution on his healing process, do you believe he’ll be 100% for UFC Rio? What are the doctors saying about his conditions?

LCD: Everybody’s impressed with his healing process, his weight loss... He’s swimming a lot, doing physiotherapy, but he also goes to the gym, but, the way I see it, he has to be 100% for this fight. Let’s see how he’ll be when it’s closer to the fight. If he’s 100%, he’ll fight. It’s like that: we start the specific work, the hardest part of the training. So the athlete really needs to be at his best to go through a specific training.

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john joe site profile image  

5/10/11 8:37 AM by john joe

danas said that after every crocop loss in the ufcif the fighter is under contract and has fight remaining on the contract, they have to either provide the fight or release the fighter. If they dont its restraint of trade. CroCop is still under contract to the ufc; they could cut him i guess but they might as well just give him the last fight of the contract.

saemskin site profile image  

5/10/11 7:36 AM by saemskin

his contract may still be open, but Dana did post to his twitter after his last fight that it was his last fight in the ufc. I guess we shall wait and see?Would you care to put a beer on it? ;)

un3rgr0und site profile image  

5/9/11 10:29 AM by un3rgr0und

Cro Cop? Dana White already fired him didn't he? Shows where Big Nog is in his the end

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

5/9/11 9:41 AM by Chimonos Revenge

I dont want to see another lackluster, poor performance from CroCop.I would rather he just retired.

john joe site profile image  

5/9/11 9:37 AM by john joe

no he's notsource: speaking to him on the phone the other day

slamming site profile image  

5/9/11 9:16 AM by slamming

Nog vs Carwin. Tell me that doesn't intrigue at least just a little bit.

saemskin site profile image  

5/9/11 8:00 AM by saemskin

crocop is cut from the UFC after his last fight, so good luck with that Noggles-y. (only I get to call him that)I would rather see Nog fight... anyone else! Here's to a happy and healthy Nog. I hope he's healed and has his speed back. He was a dangerous man a few short years ago.

dhughes site profile image  

5/9/11 6:55 AM by dhughes

What's the cause of the fevers? Chronic staph infection or i dunno, what? It's weird to say something like that but not explain what illness he is having. Repeatedly having fevers is never good ever and usually the sign of something serious. But what and why isn't that mentioned?

The Last Emperor site profile image  

5/8/11 7:46 PM by The Last Emperor

Nog needs to retire. I legitimately worry about his safety every time he enters the octagon now and can't for the life of me understand how people still enjoy watching him get punched in the head repeatedly.The guy needs to quit while he's ahead (sort of), and not ruin what little bit of health he may have left just "for the fans". It's not worth it Nog. You've done enough in this fans eyes.

MoFiasco site profile image  

5/8/11 4:08 PM by MoFiasco

^ i think he could beat mark hunt. All he needs to do is get him down and use his patented no hooks-rear naked choke, which seems to work on guys with no ground games.