Boxing champion Ward tight-lipped on sparring sessions with Nick Diaz

by Brett Okamoto | source:

“I appreciate and admire [Diaz’s] courage,” Ward told, while in Las Vegas to watch Manny Pacquiao’s recent win over Shane Mosley. “It remains to be seen how well he’ll do, though.

“Nick has good hands, some of the best hands in MMA. But professional boxing is totally different. Totally different.”

According to Ward, the two have sparred on “six or seven different occasions,” always for multiple rounds.

When asked how Diaz fared during the sparring sessions, Ward smiled and refused to go into details -- although he did say Diaz has been a terrific addition to his camp whenever he’s there.

“I can’t really talk about that,” Ward said. “That’s something fighter’s don’t reveal out of respect for each other. It was good work though. He’s a southpaw and he just keeps on coming. It’s definitely good work.”

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The Notorious OMG site profile image  

5/11/11 6:15 AM by The Notorious OMG

lol. Diaz is not there to try to "beat" Ward in sparring. you learn from mixing it up. of course none of you couch potato slobs and pencilnecks would know that cause you've never been in such a position but the goal is to get in the trenches and learn from him, not to see who can catch the best thrown/landed ratio."bullshit PR stunt" you guys are such tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theory fools. a PR stunt would mean he actually never sparred with him. I love how Nick boxes everybody the fuck up so the only leg the internet nerd haters have to stand on is "omg omg Andre Ward pwns him in sparring though bro!"

Magicmaninthesky site profile image  

5/11/11 5:33 AM by Magicmaninthesky

Pretty lame that they use a bloody pic of Nick to headline this bit of "news". Kinda tells you what they really think of the guy.

DaemonDragon site profile image  

5/11/11 4:48 AM by DaemonDragon

Pretty much this.I doubt Ward thinks highly of Diaz's chances against Lacey. In all likelihood the fight won't happen anyway, I think it's just Cesar Gracie's silly way of pressuring the UFC to give him GSP - or maybe more money. Which is dumb, because the UFC wants to give him GSP anyway, and I don't think the UFC would take well to demands for more money.

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

5/11/11 4:29 AM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

In other words, he absolutely destroyed Nick in sparring and it wasn't even close.Lol @ Melendez making it seem like Nick and Ward spar on a regular basis. 6 or 7 times, ok.

williepep site profile image  

5/11/11 3:05 AM by williepep

Congrats to the author of " A Fighter's Heart."Andre Ward is living proof that every once and a while a writer gets it right.The sections of the book on Ward, were spot on.

Bumbaclot site profile image  

5/11/11 3:05 AM by Bumbaclot

 Ward's routine 1-2 Headbutt 1-2 clinch leap clinch + headbutt

Marco808 site profile image  

5/11/11 3:02 AM by Marco808

Big fan of Ward. Love his style.  Great response, too. Anyone who's watched any of his fights knows that he probably destroyed Diaz in sparring, but that's the right way to respond. 

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

5/11/11 2:52 AM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Andre Ward is a stand up guy. I've made his acquaintance several times and he is a class talent and person. I really respect his keeping mum on this as he should. Because sparring is sparring. It matters not who wins in the gym and it never serves a man well to boast of being the baddest man in the gym.

SuMBJJ site profile image  

5/11/11 2:19 AM by SuMBJJ

He gave his opinion without saying it.  You don't admire courage in people who are about to go out and whoop ass.  You admire it in guys about to go get their ass whooped. I think sparring 6 or 7 different times is a FAR cry from Ceasar Gracie's: "He has good days and bad days against Andre Ward."  Bullshit PR stunt. 

SJBenoist site profile image  

5/11/11 2:13 AM by SJBenoist

Ali was copying what he saw in Professional Wrestling. He saw how the crowds reacted to "heels" (Gorgeous George) who acted that way, and was trying to push his career by what he thought would be something the fans would "love to hate". It worked out a little differently than he expected.