Lindland and Henderson counter suing over Team Quest name

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 In February, Dan Henderson filed suit alleging trademark infringement, copyright infringement, and unfair competition. Hendo claimed that he and teammate Randy Couture founded Team Quest in 1999 and were using the name a distinct logo before Matt Lindland joined the duo a year later. Although he admits to being aware that Lindland has been using the Team Quest name and logo for a decade continuously, Henderson contends they belong to him - and he wants them back.

Last week Lindland fired back with an answer and counterclaim. Lindland says Henderson was never an owner of Team Quest, rather that Lindland and Couture entered into business together in gym built inside a warehouse located on a used car lot Lindland owned near Portland, Oregon. While Henderson did wear a Team Quest t-shirt to events in Japan, it was Lindland and Couture who built a business selling MMA instruction and apparel, creating a reputation of excellence throughout the MMA world

Lindland, now the sole owner of Team Quest, also owns several federally registered trademarks to the Team Quest name and mark. In 2006, Lindland began franchising Team Quest gyms and authorized Henderson to open a Team Quest gym in Temecula, California.

Lindland contends that Henderson recognized Lindland was the proper owner of the Team Quest name and logo - otherwise, why would Henderson request a license to use the marks in California?

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cluster site profile image  

5/11/11 8:41 AM by cluster

^ what is that training manual and is a copy available for purchase? I would be interested to see what's inside.

WWBRD site profile image  

5/11/11 1:20 AM by WWBRD

Yup, and Benji was the catcher for sure.I can't believe how fucking scrawny Radach was back then compared to now.

WhiteMustang site profile image  

5/10/11 11:04 PM by WhiteMustang

Lots of facts are missing in Lindland's story!

ds1970 site profile image  

5/10/11 10:41 PM by ds1970

That pic always makes me think - "gay bath house"

superCalo site profile image  

5/10/11 10:39 PM by superCalo

Indeed it appears Henderson conceeded that Lindland had the legal rights to the name and had no problem with that, then someone got in his ear, perhaps a lawyer who thought he could get a few bucks of a ignorant mMa fighter by taking a worthless case, seems like Henderson has been scammed by his lawyer or given some bad advice.

slamming site profile image  

5/10/11 10:23 PM by slamming

There's no way Dan succeeds here. Just by sheer virtue of getting a license to operate from Lindland is an admission of Lindland's legal rights to the name.Pack it up.

JonJonesFan site profile image  

5/10/11 8:48 PM by JonJonesFan

"Your honor, Mr. Lindland has a glass jaw.The defense rests."

NHB USA site profile image  

5/10/11 8:45 PM by NHB USA

 TTT for updates... this will get interesting.

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5/10/11 8:43 PM by bmd

Objection your honor.. the defendants council is clearly nut-hugging.

MindOverBody site profile image  

5/10/11 7:39 PM by MindOverBody

 No one answered my fucking question. When the court clerk is reading off the docket, will they announce Matt Lindland as "Matt 'The Law' Lindland"?