Struve offers UG fans a chance ot train with him for a day

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Contest Time Again! This one is for the Fans!

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 All right guys, we have a lot going on leading up to UFC 130.  Alchemist Clothing will be doing a Twitter contest.  The winner of the contest will get a fully paid trip to come train with me for a day.  I am real excited, so lets be creative and have fun b/c this one has a great prize attached to it! 

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In other Struve news, he reports that he can easily get up to 280 or 290.

Ed Kapp: You’re at 262, you said?

Stefan Struve: 260, 262 or something like that; around 260.

EK: Do you usually walk around that heavy?

SS: No; I got a little heavier. I had some more time off after the fight, so I did more strength and conditioning to get bigger, you know? That was good. I did a lot of technical training after the fight with [Sean] McCorkle; a lot of BJJ and technical kick-boxing. I’ve improved a lot since my last fight.

EK: Do you feel a lot stronger with that added weight?

SS: Yeah. I’m feeling it a lot—especially when I’m hitting somebody with a punch. In the gym, I’m afraid to hit people with full-force, because I know that if I hit someone it’s good-night—that’s a good feeling. On the ground, as well; I’ve got a lot more strength. It’s really good.

EK: What do you think you will weigh come fight night?

SS: Somewhere around 260—I don’t know. When I started my camp, after my fight with McCorkle, I went to L.A. for two weeks and when I came back I was at 280. It’s pretty big, but I didn’t train a lot and I ate a lot of pizza and shit like that in L. A. Like I said, I think around 260.

EK: What motivated you to put on the extra weight?

SS: Look at who’s running the heavyweight division; Brock [Lesnar], [Shane] Carwin, [Cain] Velasquez and Dos Santos—those are big guys for their frames. I need to put more muscle on my frame. On my frame, I can easily go up to 280 or 290, in my opinion, and cut down, weigh in at 265 and weigh 280, 285 in the cage.

EK: Is that something that you would be interested in doing in the future?

SS: Yeah—in the future. I’m getting bigger every single fight and for my next fight, I may even have to cut a little bit before the fight. That’s for the next fight; I’m under the 265-limit right now.

EK: Did you think, when you started your career, that you would ever be that heavy?

SS: Of course I knew that I would get bigger eventually. Especially with the people in the gym, when I was young, they would say that if I did the right things—if I ate correct and kept on training—it will all come by itself. If I continued to do the right things, they said I’d become a monster. I said that sounded cool, but I was 16 years old when they said that, but they had it right [laughs].

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So I got a bit carried away. If a blue would embed.

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Pumped to finally get one of those "damn UG keyboard warriors" in a choke hold and take out his revenge for every negative post that has been made about him!  LOL!

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 TTT for a future champ

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Its called giving back to the fans, he is pumped to give back, surely that is a positive thing

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 pumped to train with a random UGer ?  strange IMO

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I really hope a bantamweight wins this contest so we can see the training photos.