TapouT co-founders sued by sister over Mask's ashes

source: tmz.com

The heads of the MMA clothing company TapouT have been accused of STEALING the cremated remains of their fallen co-founder ... and illegally giving away vials of his ashes at his memorial ... TMZ has learned.

The man at the center of the controversy is Charles "Mask" Lewis -- who was killed by a drunk driver back in 2009. Mask was cremated at the request of his sister Carla ... who had executive power over Mask's remains.

After Mask's death, Carla claims she was approached by the co-founders of TapouT -- men calling themselves Skyscrape and Punkass -- who wanted to "borrow" Mask's ashes and urn for a public memorial service.

In a lawsuit filed in San Bernardino County, CA -- Carla says she agreed, but demanded the two men return Mask's remains immediately following the service.

Here's where things get CRAZY -- Carla says when she arrived to the memorial service, she noticed "various booths and tables" set up around the cathedral ... one of which contained, "a large shoebox-size box containing several miniature vials that were on display."

Carla says the vendor informed her, "each of the vials contained a small amount of the cremated remains of Mask, and were reserved for, and to be given to, 'special people' whose names were on a printed list."

Carla believes somewhere between 50 to 100 vials were either "sold, given away, donated or otherwise distributed to several unknown persons."

Not only is Carla PISSED about the vials ... she claims TapouT still has possession of the urn and the remainder of Mask's ashes ... and the company refuses to return them.

Carla is suing for unspecified damages -- citing "overwhelming and severe emotional distress."

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HITMAN DAN DIAZ site profile image  

7/29/14 9:25 PM by HITMAN DAN DIAZ

i dont understand your questions who is S. rhino 

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7/29/14 2:11 PM by hendofanforlife

who is she. its a her, at least in my head.

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7/29/14 2:06 PM by JJitsu

who said Spearmint???How'd you know his first name??

HITMAN DAN DIAZ site profile image  

7/29/14 2:03 PM by HITMAN DAN DIAZ

i have no idea who spearmint rhino is ??? who is he ???

JJitsu site profile image  

7/29/14 12:59 PM by JJitsu

The bitch said that the Funeral I planned at the crystal cathedral had tables full of necklaces filled with Ashes that they were passing out to everyone. That's complete BULLSHIT! For the record I thought Skrape made 2 or 3 for him punkass and punkasses baby momma. Charles used to tell me almost every day how his family and especially his sister had disowned him and his ONLY Family was Skrape Punkass and Mrs Punkass who's tip money had actually funded the creation of Tapout. I would testify in court to that. It definitely seemed like a money grab. He had just begun to look into getting in contact with his estranged kids when he died also so why was the lady that disowned him suing out of nowhere and showing up at the office asking for gas money? Didn't know he made that many necklaces though when I was arguing about it so I'm definitely a dumbass, and won't defend anything other then that my funeral didn't have ashes at all the tables like they claimed in the complaint. It pissed me off, we made dog tags that we put at all the tables. But if they actually gave ashes to dudes like Mr.Cartoon and other acquaintances that's fuckin ridiculously stupid and indefensible. Hitman Dan wants to conveniently ignore that part even though he said he would come in here and clarify that for me 6 months ago.... just for that he has to buy me even more lap dances then he already does next time we're at the Rhino... you gonna be at Magic Las Vegas Mr.Diaz? You Owe! Also I was personally told to bury his brand by Mask and Kreiner the same way they did Premier Fighter so he deserves everything he gets.

scrapdo site profile image  

7/29/14 1:27 AM by scrapdo

On this particular case; They admitted to handing out the asked so those who said it didn't happen, ummmmhttp://www.cagepotato.com/members-of-tapout-crew-admit-distributing-masks-ashes-say-sisters-lawsuit-is-just-a-cash-grab/

SudoMMA site profile image  

7/28/14 11:53 PM by SudoMMA

when i started reading i thought it was deja vu, then said the day posted...yup, sure enough ive read this before.good to see an update tho.why has it taken so long?... 3 years!! courts are crazy dam...

HITMAN DAN DIAZ site profile image  

7/28/14 10:39 PM by HITMAN DAN DIAZ

the court also has a website should i have them remove the documents from their internet site as well ? so should this be a blanket policy for anyone and everyone about anything and everything from now on ?  you do know you are posting on an internet chat room that only deals in online information sharing. seems a bit weird that you are a member here.       

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7/28/14 7:07 PM by AlphaTardTravisFan