Eddie Bravo to rematch Royler Gracie, eight years after famous match

source: facebook.com

ADCC will make 2 ”masters” superfights on World Championships.

Fight time 10min
Eddie Bravo VS Royler Gracie
Mario Sperry VS Renzo Gracie

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Onnie804yamsaki site profile image  

5/17/11 9:31 AM by Onnie804yamsaki

Lol ya dont stand up for something you have a strong stance on cause it might make morgz upset.Lol go preach to all the losers talking about getting wasted every two seconds.This shit never ceases to amaze me people think they are so righteous , and there is no legitmacy to the NORML movement

Onnie804yamsaki site profile image  

5/17/11 9:27 AM by Onnie804yamsaki

omg he smokes pot!

Mit site profile image  

5/17/11 9:08 AM by Mit

What a fiasco this turned into. Royler is petrified to face Eddie again.

Zapruder site profile image  

5/17/11 3:35 AM by Zapruder

LOL! 1996?

Caught_clean site profile image  

5/17/11 3:31 AM by Caught_clean

I was telling a freind the other day that Serra should of just retired after beating GSP. 

Hunter V site profile image  

5/17/11 3:29 AM by Hunter V

fuck this, Eddie should NOT raise a cent. Rightly or wrongly, since tapping Royler Eddie has taken a load of shit from people who are in love w Royler and hate Eddie's stance on training. Never mind the claims he got lucky and such. So if Royler is now putting out demands after already agreeing then let him take the embarrassment of being seen as someone who does not want challenge and is instead running away from things.And none of that "well he is a legend and just looking for a last big payday" bullshit either. If he was in negotiations BEFORE AGREEING and wanted this then fine. But screw throwing this in there after agreeing. And for the Eddie/10th planet haters who will come on to spin it, be honest. If it was Eddie pulling this shit threads would be up bashing him and people would be having a field day.

DarkReflection site profile image  

5/17/11 3:24 AM by DarkReflection

On the bright side though...Eddie is trying to raise the 50k so that Royler grows a pair and shows. You'd figure he'd do this for free for Gracie and "traditional BJJ" honor. But nah.....Bravo wins.Cheers-DR

Choken Necks site profile image  

5/17/11 3:11 AM by Choken Necks


RML site profile image  

5/17/11 2:35 AM by RML

 NAILED IT 4 days ago

osiriss site profile image  

5/17/11 1:54 AM by osiriss

Not Cool...