Alvarez: I want millions of dollars next contract

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Eddie Alvarez now holds the distinction of being the best fighter in the world not currently under contract with Zuffa (owners of Strikeforce and the UFC).

"Growing up in my neighborhood fighting was very popular, and boxing was popular," Alvarez told MMA Fight Corner presented by "So instead of playing stickball and hockey, everyone would have boxing gloves. I used to have two or three sets of boxing gloves and I would take them down the block and knock on my friends door and instead of saying, 'Hey you wanna play some stick ball?' I'd say, 'Hey you wanna fight?'

"So we'd go out to the middle of the street, we'd put the gloves on and people would keep rounds and we'd fight. We'd break when a car came down the block, but that's how we played. It seems weird to some people, but fighting and boxing were like our stickball and our hockey."

"I don't think I'd do well," Alvarez said of trying professional boxing. "Just because in boxing it would be hard for me to make 147. And I know boxers here in Philly at that weight and I spar with them, and I get my ass whooped. They're not no world champions either, but these guys are seriously good. It would be really tough for me. I'd have to develop a whole different style of boxing to be successful.

"Actually Bernard (Hopkins) thinks that I would become a world champion; he said it out of his own mouth that he's never seen an MMA fighter box the way that I box. And I felt good about him saying that, but in the back of my head I'm thinking to myself, 'Nah.' Maybe I'm not as confident in myself as some other people are, but I'm not looking to go into pro boxing any time soon."

"I definitely, 100-percent feel that I have the best hands in the lightweight division. f I watch Melvin Guillard, I definitely see a lot of holes. He's quick, he's explosive, but he gets a little wild.

"My boxing trainer is getting Bernard Hopkins ready for his next fight. I train with some real high-level boxers in Philadelphia and they kick my ass two or three times a week, and they all say that I should maybe consider boxing a little bit. But, when I look out there at the whole spectrum of lightweights, I gotta be honest, I think I have the best boxing in the lightweight division. I think whoever ranked Gilbert Melendez as having the best hands in MMA has got to be on acid or out of their mind."

"How does being unknown correlate in any way, shape, or form to being a good fighter or not. There's a huge difference between being popular and being good. There's a lot of guys out there that are popular, does it mean they're good? No. I could ramble off a ton of fighters who we all know, and they're s---, but that's where a lot of things get mixed up between being unknown, which has no correlation to being a good fighter or not, and I think underground fans are very misguided in that realm."

"Frankie's (Edgar) number one in the world and he deserves to be there. He took on the greatest lightweight of all time twice. He beat him twice. Against the number one contender Grey (Maynard), if I had a scorecard, I would say he beat Grey. Grey did get him that first round, but in my own opinion, watching the fight a couple of times, I think Frankie pulled out the win."

"Me and Frankie already talked about this. He knows the game. We're not selling insurance here we have to fight sometimes. So me and Frankie talked about it and if things come down to it and we have to fight each other we will. Right now, I'm with Bellator for the time being and I have a future with Bellator and there's no conflict of interest. He's trying to be number one in his organization, I want to be number one in my organization and right now we're helping each other."

"Obviously, it's not going to happen now with the UFC acquiring Strikeforce,. They're not going to want anything to do with that, any sort of cross promotions anymore. And why it hasn't happened is because Scott Coker didn't want it to happen. I mean, Gilbert pleaded for it. I never said anything to Gilbert about fighting him. It was Gilbert who went on Inside MMA and started yapping his mouth about, 'I'll offer you out Eddie Alvarez.' He said it into the camera. So that was basically like coming at me. So I called my promoter right away and it's funny because we were thinking about it two days earlier what my next move would be, and I said, 'Hey, how about we try to do something with Strikeforce and try to fight Gilbert Melendez.' And he said, 'Great idea.'

"Well, then next day we saw that, so it was great. I didn't have to be the bad guy and do anything out of my character and offer someone out so, he wanted to fight. I right away sent out press releases and said, 'let's do it, let's fight.' My promoter said, 'let's do it, let's fight' and the only obstacle was Scott Coker. That's it. And I don't know why. If you ask me my opinion I think Gilbert's a lot more confidence in his abilities than his promoter did. When I asked Scott personally about it he fed me a bunch of B.S."

"But there's no bad blood. Gilbert actually came to me and said, 'Look I shouldn't have said anything unless I knew I could get the fight.' And he said the only reason he wanted to fight me is because he thought I was good and whatever. There's no bad blood. It don't matter to me. To be honest, I don't want guys to call me out to fight me, I want people to run from me. So when someone personally calls you out, it's hard not to take it personal because they're basically saying, 'I can beat you.' If I tell a guy I want to fight him, it's because I think I can beat him. It's not because I think I'm going to lose to him."

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knuckleballs site profile image  

1/8/13 1:50 PM by knuckleballs

All MMA fighters should be getting paid better than what they are, especially the one's who put butts in seats like Eddie

Winston Wolf site profile image  

1/8/13 9:17 AM by Winston Wolf

hes got to be kidding

Blunderhooks site profile image  

1/8/13 9:11 AM by Blunderhooks

250 would be ridiculous.

ObamaCare site profile image  

1/8/13 9:03 AM by ObamaCare

funny how much of a hater ilovetortillas and several other of you homo's were a year and a half ago now alvarez has the potential to make those millions he wanted, if he could get some win bonuses and good sponsor pay bellator said they have a $250k check with his name on it, waiting to send it to him.   haters gonna....hate?

BendosBaptisedBitch site profile image  

1/8/13 6:00 AM by BendosBaptisedBitch

Eddie is worth a lot of money IMO. If i had to put a figure on it id say conservatively 250k/ fight. Problem is Eddie didnt say/ wasnt referring to his per fight purse... He was referring to his contract which an be anywhere from extremely complex/ complicated to relatively simple. Some guys go for a flat purse guaranteed win or lose and some go for a show/ win setup. theres signing bonuses, ppv cuts. Eddie Alvarez saying hes anticipating a multi-million dollar contract isnt far fetched at all. if he goes the guaranteed route 250 seems fair and if its an 8-fight deal which is pretty common you are talking 2 million. I dont think he will be successful negotiating a ppv cut before some significant wins in the UFC but if he does you are looking at a multi-million dollar contract

UGCTT_painbringer site profile image  

1/8/13 5:10 AM by UGCTT_painbringer

link to the source for those numbers?

KingYing site profile image  

1/8/13 4:36 AM by KingYing

There is no way Hector Lombard got 400k to sign and 300k a fight, I find that extremely hard to believe.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

1/8/13 2:44 AM by MMALOGIC

^ he doesnt get 700k a fight.  He got a 400k signing bonus and 300k a fight.  It was more of a message to bellator/viacom that they can take whoever they want and bellator cant match it. I think the eddie situation was more zuffa trying to bait Bellator and unfortunately they took it.  This is a PR nightmare for bellator. Every prospect, manager and coach out there is gonna be very hesitant in signing with bellator.  Moreover, the fans arent gonna be keen in supporting bellator. This was also a wake up call to every fighter on bellators roster... that they are stuck with a bullshit matching clause that likely wont really match UFC's offer if they ever get one.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

1/8/13 2:38 AM by yellow wrkahlc

Eddie isn't the champ anymore, but I see your point.

Oprah666 site profile image  

1/8/13 2:31 AM by Oprah666

700k PER FIGHT?? plus ppv%?! Got. Damn. Thats a lotta money!